Lightning And Thunder And Hard Rain. Oh, My!

And, no, it doesn’t happen very often around here. But, at 0400 this morning I was woken up by heavy thunder. I tend to wake easily with the slightest strange noise in the house, but this was pretty loud. Of course, lightning was occasionally going on; which led to more thunder (of course). Had a period of pretty hard rain too. All in all, the “storm” lasted almost an hour. Was cool!!! Figured I was already up, and the alarm was going to go off at 0515, that I might as well stay up. Woke up again @ 0700. !

Not a whole lot happened around here yesterday. Nice, Hot, day out until late afternoon. In the space of about 5 minutes it went to cloudy and 10-15 degrees cooler. Made a run to ACE, the bank, Post Office, and the dirt farm (Peninsula Topsoil) up the road. I can have a ton of compost/dirt mix delivered for around $90, OR, I can pick it up myself (using my truck) for $27.50. Guess which I’m gonna go with. Go ahead. Guess. (I’ll wait.)

cise02bToday has been overcast but semi-warm. Just warm enough for the mosquito’s to swarm while I was out mowing the back yard. Got several bites.

And, other than that it’s just been my normal chores around here. Did finally try on all my pants and put those that no longer fit into a pile for the Goodwill (or whoever). I think I’m picking SWMBO up at the QFC tonight; but will have to check to be sure.

Crap! It’s already 1600! Where did the day go?

Made Peanut Butter Cookies. Maybe I’ll let SWMBO have a couple. Maybe.

I did get to go pick her up at the QFC. We’re home and just relaxing. About time to go lay down and read a bit. Guess it’d be too much to hope for another lightning storm tonight!

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