Had To Wear Regular Shoes Today

And, man, did they feel funny. First time in about 3 months. Could hardly get them on! I think they either shrunk or my feet spread out from wearing sandals these past 3 months or so. Making me walk “funny” too. But it’s still pretty wet outside and I don’t want to get my feet too wet when I go to my Doctor’s appointment in a few minutes.


Not much else going on this morning. Spent some time updating all my websites and posting pictures to my KF7LTT G+ account for the radio dudes/ettes. Updating the MCARC web site. Generally stayed on my fat old ass most of the morning. Ah well.


Ok, it’s a couple of hours later and I’m back from my appointment. You should see the contraption they want me to wear when I go to bed tonight! Two straps around my abdomen/chest, a finger pulse thingie, and a nasal/oral cannula. And don’t forget the wires! Couple of them attached to the straps. Man, I doubt I’ll be able to get to sleep with all that on. It was hard enough with the Heart monitor!


At leas it rained only a little on the way there and back. Checked mail (Netflix day!) on the way in. Kinda Sorta feel a headache coming on. Which sucks because I have to pick SWMBO up this evening and we’re going to a good-bye party for friends over in Port Orchard. Think I’ll just relax between now and then.

And that’s it. Went to a going away party for a friend (that I haven’t seen in 2 or 3 years) who’s moving to Arizona. Was fun. We be home now.

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