All I Can Say Is …

This cold is kicking my ass! It’s the post-nasal ball of rusty barbed wire sitting at the top of the back of my throat that is really annoying. Blehs. Aches and pains (not associated with just growing old). Haven’t done shit. Don’t plan to do shit. Even taking a shit is way down the list right now. (Although I still wonder why we call it “taking” a shit. Aren’t we “leaving” a shit?}


Did manage to take the Dog for a couple of COLD walks; but at the exprense of chores. Didn’t get my regular chores done. Well, except for making the bed. Dog likes to jump in the middle of the bed and chase the blankets when I shake them out. Wierd.

Oh, put a couple layers of foam rubber on my chair to see if I can ease the pain in my coccyx. When I spent a bit too much time in the bathroom, the Dog let me know how much he LOVES that stuff. I’m still sweeping tiny pieces of foam rubber up. Bad Dog!

Oh, our power outage the other night: turned out to be something in OUR electrical box out in the yard. Of course, we are the next-to-the-last house they could check for problems so it took them awhile. Pretty nice when your electrical box can blow the power to 20-25 homes.

I’m going to bed.

Y’all be careful out there!

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