And I Just Keep Getting Older and Older…

My mind just went totally blank. I had everything in order that I was going to post about, got distracted by something, and now cannot (for the life of me!) remember one damned thing I was going to cover. So, let’s see just how random I can be. Again.

Last Monday I twisted my knee getting up off the floor while trying to finish off the baseboard. Have slowly improved to where I’m hobbling around like an ancient Dude. Knee hurts after about half our morning walk so we haven’t been doing the whole thing. Sucks! We make quite the pair, SWMBO and I, at the store what with her in the electric scooter and me limping along behind her.

So, haven’t yet finished the baseboard or a dozen other things I’ve been needing to do around the house. Did get my half of the garage cleaned up and my miter saw and tables moved out there where I can get to them easily when I get back to getting things done. I did manage to mow the back yard; but that is a sitting down job. Thank Goodness for rider mowers!

Worked on a friends laptop trying to fix his Windows 10 install. Managed to save his data but had to re-image his drive. He asked me to put a dual boot Windows/Linux; so I did. He’s had his computer back a couple of days now and has yet to call me for anything. That could be a good thing. Wouldn’t bet on it though.

Been playing with one of the Raspberry Pi’s as a media server and, I gotta tell ya, it’s working great. Hooked my backup movie drive to it and set that all up and it works fine. Ordered a couple more 2tb drives from Amazon so I can backup my backup. Or something to that effect. I don’t want my output5backup drive to be working all the time. Hey, it could wear out that much sooner.

Ordered a MPPT solar controller so I can “play” with the solar panels and try hooking them up to be more efficient. Looking for a couple of 30 foot poles to stand up out back and attach my solar panels to. Figure they’ll get more sunlight more of the year if I do. Then I can start collecting battery packs.

Been Facebook free over 30 days now, by choice, and getting a lot more reading done. I love to read. That Kindle Paperwhite if the perfect little “book” to read from too. Still fits in my back pocket too.

And that’s it cause I really am rambling. Things to do! No places to go! Will post more often.

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