Rainy. Windy. Just Crappy Out.

With lightning warnings for Seattle proper. It was just wet over here. Needless to say I was stuck inside most of the day. So I won’t say it.


Did make a run to the drive-thru pharmacy at the Naval Hospital for my meds. Good for another 3 months now. Stopped by the Chevy Dealer to see if they have any ideas how to get rid of that old-gym-sock smell that comes from the air conditioner whenever I turn it on; they didn’t really. Spray an anti-mold into the air intake and hope. Otherwise just get used to it.

Not much else going on. Started a Doctor Who marathon but will probably quit it after this episode. Netflix came in today so I got movies to watch!

Night The World Exploded (1957) Super Computer

Oh, did stop and get my usual at the new Taco Bell on the way back from the Naval Hospital. Good stuff! Nice to have one in town. Finally. Now we just need a Burger King for those occasions (annually usually) that I get a craving for a Whopper.

I guess the MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Evening Chat Net went well. I could only hear 2 of the guys nice and clear and 1 kinda sorta. No idea who else was out there. Ah well. 10-meters has never been my strong suit locally anyway.


Not much else happening. It’s almost bedtime so I think I’ll take this old guy to bed and read for awhile. Although I could always watch another episode of the Doctor.

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