Just Another Normal Sunday Around Here.

So, I get this ding notice from the State of Washington Toll folks charging me $8 for crossing the bridge and $40 fine. Even included a picture of the front end of my truck. Only problem is: I have what they call Good-To-Go (which I started last November) with about $35 in the account to pay for tolls. So I printed out the confirming e-mails showing that I’ve been in GTG for awhile and asking them “Why am I getting a fine for a toll bill I shouldn’t even have gotten?” We’ll see what their answer is. (But, knowing the state of WaRshington they’ll screw it up anyway. And probably charge me more for it!)


Not much going on today. Normal Sunday around here. SWMBO made a pretty good pork chop dinner tonight though. That was nice. And tasty. Other than that it’s just been the usual around here. Finishing up laundry now. Waiting for the Net. Playing with that SDR thingie and watching “The 5 Doctor’s.” (Campy!)


MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net (The Highly Informal Version) went really well tonight. Twelve check-ins! Cool! I got some great signal reports tonight too (for some reason). Everyone wanted to know what I did to my radio/antenna.

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