I Have A Telescope.

I really do. Have had it for 4-5 years now. It’s not particularly big, nor particularly powerful (Celestron Powerseeker 114EQ), but it does what it does fairly well. Problem is: around here, you just don’t get that many chances to use it. Nor will you see “special” celestial happenings. It’s like Washington State reads the papers. And when it sees that there will be something “special” (Full Lunar Eclipse, etc.), it orders up a shitload of clouds, or rain, or both, and you can’t even go outside and look up. I’ve really not seen one eclipse, meteor shower, or asteroid flyby because of the weather here in the “Great” Northwest.


So, I’m thinking of putting it back in it’s box and storing it until we get our Tent Trailer/RV where I will find a place for it. We’ve camped out in some great open sky places and I think it’ll be fun to take along.

Not much going on today. In a much better mood than yesterday, thank goodness. Just had my breakfast (Honey Nut Cheerios with walnuts & I added the leftover piece of fish from last night. No, not in the cereal.) and am about to get my day really started. Putting on my music (ChillTrax today); and when I put on music I’m usually up and around actually doing something instead of veg’ing with whatever show I put up on my other monitor.


Got off my ass (which I do when I put music to playing) and swept half the house. Did some sanding on the walls that needed it in my room. Generally straightened up along with my usual chores.

Then I got out and put up that new antenna I got. It’s now hanging about 40 feet up. What a difference! It’s so much better than the one I made. Actually made a PSK31 contact with W3HOT down in Arizona on 25 watts. My signal is being heard in Pennsylvania according to pskreporter.info. Have already heard a bunch of voice traffic that I couldn’t hear when I switched back to my old antenna. Cool! Just heard by AB1KW 2400+ miles away. (Looks like New York)


Just received a picture on 14.233 from John (N7RKY) in Montana using Easypal. Cool! (Sorry I got your name wrong, John!)(And your call.)

And that’s it. MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Chat net went well. Couple of the guys helped me check my new antenna on 10-meters and 40-meters. Cool.

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