Sunday Is A Day To Rest

So, quite naturally, I’m doing my “usual” chores while SWMBO is off to church. Watered the garden. Started laundry. Loaded the dishwasher. Took a walk around the back 40. Trying to get the “big room” (where my computer and radio are until we finish the kitchen and my room walls: winter project) in some semblance of order. At least looking a little neater.


Speaking of my radio: I’ve been so busy trying to stay busy and not sit on my fat old ass that I really haven’t been doing much radio stuff. I need to change that. Will probably be easier this winter when it gets light late and dark early. Won’t be doing as much stuff outside.

And It Was HOT Out There Today!

My Renter left his desktop computer with me to let me look at and see if I can fix it. I can’t get the thing to POST at all. I’ve taken everything off it, including the drives and memory, and can’t even get a “no memory installed” or “No Operating System Installed” error. Fans start up, drives spin, you can eject the dvd drive but nothing else seems to work. The main board looks good; but who knows?

Doctor Who - The Movie (1969)

Dang! Forgot about the MCARC 2-meter Chat Net until Bill (AE7GC) called and reminded me. Can you say Senior Moment? Net went well though. Eight check-ins. Everyone is doing well. Some complained it’s been too hot. Weather Weenies!

And that’s pretty much it for tonight. Gonna get to bed early cause SWMBO has to get up at 0500 starting tomorrow. Nice to be getting up at a decent hour again!

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