It’s A Turbid Tuesday!

Cloudy & Cool most of the day so I didn’t get outside much until late in the afternoon. Watered the garden. Picked some blueberries, cauliflower, & rhubarb stalks. Think I’ll have the cauliflower for dinner! (Steamed with butter. Add a chicken patty sandwich and dinner is served!)

From My Garden. Shoulda planted more!

Not much else going on. The Usual. Started straightening up the rest of the house cause I’m tired of living in a mess. At least it’s just messy and not dirty. Can’t stand dirty.


Exciting, I know.

Spent a couple of hours (really!) on the phone trying to make my “Halter” appointment at Harrison Hospital. They still hadn’t gotten my paperwork! So I got on the phone to the Naval Hospital in Bremerton and got them to fax it over. Then had to call Harrison back. Finally did get my appointment. So, I have an “echo cardiogram” on Aug 1st and this “Halter” thingie on the 4th. Guess I ought to make an appointment to see my doctor for about mid-August if I can. Being an old retired guy I’m not high on the list of folks to see.


And that’s pretty much it for tonight. Picked SWMBO up, stopped by Safeway, and am home now and watching “Amazing Spaces.”

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