WA State Stopping SEALS From Training In State Parks Because – Camo & Guns. Libturds Rejoice.

We had “Roach Coach” for dinner. Two deep fried burrito’s (where the outside is REALLY crispy and brown). The only thing missing was I didn’t wrap them in tin foil and drive them around for an hour or more before eating them. Were good though. SWMBO ruined her with sour cream, but, hey, she’s weird.

AND I did it again. Started this a couple of nights ago and got busy.

Couple of days ago I made a turkey breasts in the instant pot. Was yummy! I mean, really yummy. Enough left over for lunches the rest of the week.

Dropped her off at her dental appointment today and made a $120 run to Walmart. Didn’t even buy that much “stuff” really. Forgot to carry in my bags, AGAIN, so had to pay $.08/each for four of their NEW & Improved plastic bags.

She made stuffed cabbage rolls for dinner. These are almost what I think of when they mention “meat rolls” in The Dragon Riders of Pern. Except those are probably more like burrito’s. So I’m talking out my ass again. Maybe.

Being almost 70 I don’t think I’m going to get called for our new war with Russia when that happens. But one never knows. When (if?) we do go to war, I think all us able Veterans should be called to protect our borders from foreign hostiles. There are many many “administrative” and “homeland” functions we could do. Heck, even at my age I could still suture (I Loved Suturing!) and most anything “medical” except maybe pick up and carry patients.

Just don’t make me march and you will probably get a hardy “Fuck Off” if you order me to do something. Ask nicely and I’m your man!

Man, I’m all over the place tonight.

OH, I forgot to mention. On date day last Friday SWMBO took me to Red Robin. Met and talked to a grissled old guy that was wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon” hat. SWMBO and I had our “Retired Navy” hats on and he thanked us for our service. Well, when he and his significant other left they paid our dinner bill. Caught us completely by surprise! Nice of them. So we left the waitress a $20 tip.

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