Mostly A Nice Saturday.

Because I got to spend part of it with my Schweetie. I do like her company.

She got up and headed off to the Genealogy Library for her shift. I cleaned up around the house for her Home Teachers that are coming over at 1900.


Around 1330 I took off for the RV place in Silverdale; needed to stop by their Service Dept. Unfortunately, their Service Dept. is closed on Saturdays. Crap!

So I met SWMBO and one of our friends at Arby’s for a late lunch/early dinner. Then we came on home so SWMBO could half-way clean “her” room and mow some of the lawn. The visit was fairly short; only 1.5 hours. And they got the $.05 tour. But I thought it went well.


And that’s about it. Played with FSX practicing my landings in different aircraft and have been watching old sci-fi movies when not entertaining guests. Had some kippered snacks for a snack (what did you think I’d have a snack for?) so I’m good for the rest of the evening.

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