So. Wow. What’s Been Happening?

We survived what the News folks were calling “Snowmageddon” a couple of weeks ago. We got only 6 to 9 inches at our place; depending on where you measured. It was nice since I’ve gotten to the point of liking snow much more than the rain we usually get. Dog and I had some good walks once it melted down a bit. He had a lot of problems getting around when it was fresh cause he’s so small.

Then we survived “Icemageddon.” That happened a couple of days after “Snowmageddon.” Not as bad as the ice storm we had back in 1996; but bad enough. Lot’s of trees came down all over the region because of both; knocked power out for 150k or so for several days. Layer of ice over most everything.

We had one more day of hard snow then it all melted (except where it’s been piled up) and it’s supposed to be up around 54 degrees today. Got up to about that yesterday and it was nice enough to take the Kindle out on the deck and sit and read for awhile.

Not much else going on. Being “retired” is really boring. Oh, I still do my usual household chores and computer stuff and radio stuff and woodshop stuff and the end of the day seems to arrive suddenly most of the time. I think it’s the repetition. SSDD.

Speaking of radio stuff: was listening in to the sstv freq (14.233) and saw K7CZ (but not what he was transmitting). I usually look up the calls of the guys transmitting just to see where they’re transmitting from. Well, K7CZ turned out to be an old friend that ran the dBored BBS in San Diego when we lived in Escondido about 20 years ago. Cool! Damned great to get back in touch with you, Bill!

We used to do the RIME (Relay International Mail Exchange) e-mail network through dBored (dial up the bbs and upload/download your mail) and we still exchange e-mail (the internet kind) with some of the folks we met there. All this was DOS based on our brand new XT computer (256k RAM, twin floppies (no hd) and CGA graphics where you got a whole four colors whether you wanted them or not!).

I’ve slowed down a lot with checking into Facebook/Google+ for some reason. I keep meaning to update my posts here but don’t remember to do it until just before bedtime when I’m way too tired to make any sense.

Been reading a lot lately; I just love that Kindle. Thing that bothers me is that I’m “re-reading” books I know I’ve “re-read” before and they read like new books. I could always remember at least the main character and general plot lines of every book I’ve ever read; and now a lot of books, a lot of my favorite books, are “brand new.” It’s starting to bother me. Have I just let my brain get lazy or am I loosing my mind? I just don’t know.

SWMBO and I are trying to make up our minds about either making a lot of reservations at motels ($$$$) or just biting the bullet and getting a smaller RV/5th Wheel ($$$$) for our trip to the Grand Canyon and Hollie Reunion this year. I’d vote for the RV as I think it would be a bit easier than hauling a “trailer” around. Maybe a couple of scooters instead of hauling a small car behind? I just don’t know; but we have GOT to make up our minds soon!

Anyway, that’s it from the GNW.

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