Wow! What A Normal Tuesday!

So it’ll be a short post tonight. Lucky You!

Made a run to the bank. Stopped by ACE Hardware on the way back and got some plastic sheeting and painter’s tape to start working on my room. No mail today. Took Dog for a walk around the back 40. Ate another cold turkey sandwich. Covered the windows in my room with plastic.


My day. Ah, my day. Beats the alternative though. And these boring days won’t last much longer if I’d just get off my ass. Getting the plastic on the windows is a start. I really do have a lot of things I can/could do around the house on those rainy or cold days that I don’t want to get outside. I just need to get off my old ass and get it all started.


But, oh my, I like Summer so much better. If I am not going to do anything, I’d so much rather not do it outside on a nice, hot, day.

Made myself a crispy tilapia & bagel sandwich, and some corn, for dinner tonight cause I’m (temporarily!) sick of Turkey. It was good. Watching a Nova show about Landslides where they covered the Oso landslide last year.


MCARC 10-meter Wednesday Chat Net went really well.


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