Happy Anniversary, Schweetie!

After 28 years you are still my Girlfriend, Best Friend, Lover, Confidant and the absolute Best Person to ever share my life. Thank You.

17-USMCRC Cleveland16

Pretty “normal” Saturday around here. SWMBO off to the Genealogy Library for her shift. Then she took her friend (who’s afraid of being stuck in her house for weeks and being unable to go) shopping at Winco Foods before coming home for our date.

Which took place at “Famous Dave’s” in Silverdale. She had the BBQ Ribs and I had the BBQ Pork and we both got stuffed. Made a quick stop by Home Depot where we got some LED Bulbs, then our usual stop at Safeway on the way home.

It rained the whole time we were out and now the wind is starting to kick up. Oh, Joy.

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