I Guess I Have Been Kinda Busy…

So much so that I completely forgot to blog about my Birthday, Field Day or anything.

Birthday went great. Spent the day at home with SWMBO and it was warm enough for me and the dog to get naked when we walked the back 40. Didn’t do much but cook dinner and chill out. That’s a birthday! I’ll let y’all know how I feel about being 60 years old when I fully realize that I’m 60 years old! (Also been over 2 months without a smoke!)

Quick Field Day Report: What a lot of fun! Friday setup was a hoot what with people traipsing through the woods with the tennis ball gun trying to get their antenna’s up. Most of us got our antenna’s set up with not too much interference with neighboring antenna’s and no injuries. Everyone got soaked from the knees down due to the wet grass and generally wet wx. Pot luck went well.  Several “supervisors”, including Jean (AA7JK) and her grandkids, made sure everything went according to plans.

Saturday started bright and early for most of us. Of course, Field Day itself started right at 1100 with Ray (KE7PHU) on voice/ssb (with occasional assists from others including Brian (NT7Y)), Don (W7WST) and Mark (???) on CW, Omer (AD7DY) on the GOTA station, and Stan (KLF7LTT) on PSK/Digital modes. Radio waves was flying fast and furious all over the world. We’d have all probably set up our radios outside except that it rained most of Saturday well through the night into Sunday about noon.

Lots of visitors from both clubs Saturday when it wasn’t raining. Lots of interest in the various stations and lots going on even with the rain.

Sunday, IF you had slept some, everyone got up to start at trying to make contacts again. At the last minute there was a pretty much even spread between those that said “73 and see ya next year” and those really trying to make those last minute down to the second contacts. Breaking down our “camp” started almost immediately; we was all tired and in need of a place to lay our heads for awhile.

But, I have to tell you; the absolute STAR of the weekend was Omer’s better half, Annie (hope I got your name right). She took over the cooking/grilling/general food prep and serving and did a simply outstanding job. Thank you, Annie! You made the weekend a lot better for us “old guys.”

And thanks to everyone that took part in this year’s Field Day. Thanks to Don (W7WST) for taking the reins and getting everything organized. Hope to see y’all there again next year!

I apologize to those that were there, either helping or supervising or participating, that I haven’t given a personal mention to. I’m an aged individual and have trouble remembering names/calls. Your efforts were deeply appreciated also.

BTW, you can see the pictures I took here. The Video here.

Finally getting warm enough to be called Summer around here. Was about 80 today and projected to be in the mid-80’s for the rest of the week. FANTASTIC! Course, I won’t be much good for getting anything done around here!…

And that’s it from Western Warshington!

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