Where To Begin? Damn, I’m Bored!

Seems as good a place as any. i am so tired of sitting around I could kick some ass just to do somethig different. man! Yesterday and today we did pretty much the same things. Watch TV. Take a break and watch some more TV. I could do this at home!

But, my Schweetie and I did take a walk to Woodville Surplus and spend way too much money. I got a couple of winter-grade flannel shirts and she got some scrubs she’s been itching to get. Then we walked down to Kroger’s (a market) and on back to her folks house. Felt really great to be out and about with her and walking. (Oh, stopped by the local Vape store too.)

And, other than that, just not a whole lot going on. Been talking to some of the local hams off and on. No one today though. Beginning to wonder if I offended someone. (I do that easily if totally unintetionally.)

Ah, well. Going to start the final packing of all this “stuff” the folks have given us. There is a lot more but we don’t have the room to take it all unless we rent a trailer. Which I don’t want to do since we’re still heading to Tennessee. This weekend! Wow!

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