New Sunday.

My Schweetie is going to be in that hospital 3 weeks! Three. Weeks. Damn.

Seems the antibiotics are to take care of any bacteriological issues before they can start giving her some other medications that make bacteriological infections go bug fuck crazy. Something with steroids in it, I think. So, as long as she doesn’t just give up and give in she should be home by the end of the month. She’s also on High (speed or volume) Oxygen for awhile.

I don’t think we’ll be making our planned trip to Mississippi and Ohio this late September – early October. That trip will be put off until next spring. Maybe.

So, the Dog and I have to figure out just what the hell we’re supposed to do around here all by ourselves for the next 3 weeks. SWMBO knows not to leave me alone with the shopping cart (a whole lot of We Need This goes on) or home alone with a hammer. Last time she did she came home to find the fridge moved to another wall and the original wall missing. (And the cabinet that was where the fridge went was moved to a completely new wall space.)

Sometimes it’s easier to ask forgiveness.

She just called and said I could bring her phone to her tomorrow. Cool. Won’t be able to actually visit with her, but, oh well. Whateryagonnado?

Well, did it again. “Took a nap” turned into my first night in months I pretty much slept from 2230 to 0700 without getting up to pee even once. Unusual!

SWMBO was kidding me yesterday about being ableĀ  to turn up the sound on my movies without having to worry about her being overloaded. Tested that out last evening with “Godzilla” (2014) and the “sound bar” turned on. Man, that bass! Surprised the neighbors didn’t come over and tell me to shut that shit off! (Or, good thing they’re about half a click away.)

Took SWMBO’s phone to her at the hospital. They made me sanitize my hands and change to one of their masks to hand the bag to the girl at the desk. Dipshidiots.

Stopped and got some things at the WinCo on the way back. Forgot sugar. Probably have enough for a week but hate getting down to the wire. Speaking of which: My “miles to go on the fuel you have left” meter it just changed to “LOW” when I started the truck. Made it to the Safeway gas though. Put in $70 and still didn’t fill it. $3.85/gal with $0.10/gal “discount.”

Noticed they had the “fly-in” at the Bremerton Airport as I drove past. Unfortunately, by the time I passed by again they’d started packing up and leaving. So I missed it again. That’s like the 3rd year in a row now. I don’t mind missing Belfair Bites (A Taste Of Belfair) but I really enjoy the fly-in.

SWMBO called. She’s doing well. Glad of that.

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After a relatively sleepless night full of imagined “worst case scenarios” and general “Fucks!” I finally found out SWMBO’s status.
Took 4 calls (getting put on forget twice and then hung up on each time), one “We’ll have her call.” that never happened, and the final “Shall I put you through to her room?” (which should have been the first option! and told me things were better (at least she wasn’t in ICU or worse)) I finally got to talk to her. She sounded much better. Wheezy, Woozie, and the sound of the oxygen feed was loud, but it was her and she seemed more at home (if you know what I mean).
Later her Nurse called and let me know what’s happening. She sounded nervous but young.
Mild pneumonia along with the covid (which is the norm lately). Her O2 sats are back up to 95+ consistently so they kinda sorta really aren’t worried. Says she’ll be on antibiotics (which is good for bacterial pneumonia but I didn’t realize they work for viral pneumonia (if there is such a thing) but I’m just an old retired field corpsman) for a couple days and then should be able to come home.
Looking forward to that.
Thanks to everyone for their well wishes. Appreciate your concern.
No, not out of the woods, yet; but on the edge of the fucking clearing.

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