Dog Took A Dump While On Our Walk And Had A String Hanging Out Of His Butt…

Really. He had a turd hanging on that he just could not dislodge so I picked up a stick to help and knocked the turd off, but, he had a string hanging out his butt.

SWMBO wanted me to pull it out but I refused. She wanted to know “Why?”

Told her that one of two things would probably happen: 1) He’d either start talking to me like those dolls do, or 2) he’d explode like one of those party poppers.

I wanted no part of either.

Luckily he did pass the rest of the string on his next poop a few minutes later.

Not  a lot going on around here. Big wind a couple of days ago and we lost another tree out back. Totally ripped up the tarp on the RV. Lots of rain the past few days also. Absolutely no chance to fly that Phantom 3 drone my friend sent me. Got garbage burned though.

Garden is doing great for it not really being the right weather to grow. Yard(s) are going crazy and already need mowing again.

Got on 10 meters for the first time in a couple of years and had fun. I *need* to do that more often.

Spending WAY too much time on Youtube. ChatGPt-4o is starting to interest me. Wonder if it can give directions when driving? Or maybe just keep you awake when driving? And, being a fan, can I name my little corner of ChatGPT-4o”Mother?”

The cost setup still confuses me though. Sure, the “free” part is easy to understand; but the not-free part isn’t.

So, still living. Bored. Sick of Winter. Gimpy. Old. Conservative to the point of being Libertarian. You know: everything not liked by society today.

Oh, our bear visited again …

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