Will Probably Wake With A Headache Tomorrow. Supposed To Turn To Rain.

The Weather. Not my head. And what happens in my head when the Wx changes? That’s right. Migraine. Oh, Joy. Oh, Fun. Oh, Shit. Think I’ll try to sleep in.


Got out of the house long enough to make a Post Office run and stop at Safeway to fill the Truck’s tank. With gas. Got another 21 gallons for less than $50. Cool! I’m feeling too good about gas prices so it’s about time for Congress to fuck it up with more taxes. Can’t have us feeling too good about “things” as we might come to expect it.


Other than that it was just a “normal” day around here. Worked on my soda machine trying to get it to accept money and dispense a soda. Still won’t and the dollar bill part quit working. Error light says to clear the bill path; which is clear as far as I can tell. Didn’t see anything when I took it apart. Got the coin part where it’ll take your money, most times, but still won’t give you a soda. Sorry, folks. My training is in computers. Not vending machines.

I am a Jack of all trades; but master of none. But vending machines are out of my area of expertise.

Made fried chicken, chunky taters, and mixed veggies for dinner. Ice cream sandwich for dessert. If I could hug my lovely young bride the evening would be perfect.


11th & 12th Doctor Who marathon been running all day on the big monitor in the background.

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What A Nice Holiday. Spent It With My Schweetie.

Which is always nice. I was going to let her take a trip to Jo Ann’s in Silverdale and just get my usual stuff done around the house. But, I decided to tag along, drop her off at Jo Ann’s, and go walk the mall or something until she was done. Yep, walked the mall twice (stopping in shops where I wanted to), took a drive to and walked through Best Buy, and still had time to peruse Staples where I bought her a mp3 player she can use at work instead of her phone, before she was through at Jo Ann’s.

The Doctor Who Hoodie SWMBO Got Me!

Then she took me to “Wok On Fire” for an early dinner. Then we both walked the mall and spent some more money on things we “needed.” She bought me a Doctor Who Hoodie! Cool! It’s nice. I was seriously looking at the remote control copters.

2014-12-20 21.10.25

Made a quick stop at Rite Aid and we’re home. Sure was nice spending time with her during the week. We need more holidays! (Or to win the Lotto!)

2014-12-17 09.53.29

And that’s really about it. We spent about 6 hours out and about and are ready to just chill for the rest of the evening.

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