Well. Hell.

I just found out, on Facebook of all places, that my youngest living brother passed away last Sunday. We were not close, by no means, but my sister-in-law should have called/e-mailed me right away. Getting a lot of calls and e-mail from the rest of the family. So I may be taking a quick trip to Salt Lake City. Shit.

What I was posting before all this:

Saturday: MCARC meeting early; where we had a presentation on HamWan. Pretty interesting. Nice ride home along the Sound. Regular “date day” with SWMBO. She took me to Red Lobster to eat and Home Depot to buy tools. Cool! (She’s still the best part of any day though!) A Woman who will feed you sea food and encourage you to buy tools is a Woman to cherish!


butt013aSunday: Was the laziest day I’ve had in awhile. I literally spent all day “playing” with X-Plane and watching the last 4 James Bond movies. (I think Daniel Craig has been the best Bond!) SWMBO even made dinner. Oh, I got my usual chores & laundry done; but, other than that, it was a lazy day.

Monday: Cut the hole in the hall wall for the cabinet I want to put in. Stud right in the middle (almost as expected). My new saw made short work of the job. Now I have to cut the exact same hole in the internal wall to the closet, take the stud out, put the cabinet in, shore it up, make it look pretty, and it’ll be done. Should take, oh, 8 or 9 months. (Just kidding. Figure another 2-3 days cause I do other stuff too.) Thank goodness I have no load-bearing walls inside the house!


Sun is finally out again and it should be a fairly nice day out. I may get up on the roof and reposition my 2-meter/440 antenna. I may. SWMBO isn’t home and she doesn’t want me climbing on the roof when no one is home. We’ll see. (Well, the Sun was out.)

Anywho, spent the rest of the afternoon trying to contact different family members. Luckily (I guess) there just aren’t that many to let know. It’s just hard to get ahold of them. Started packing my backpack and plan to leave for SLC tomorrow morning. Should be there by 18-1900 (or so). Shit.

So, since I gotta get up way early and hit the road, I’m going to lay down. Who knows if I’ll get to sleep or not.

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