I’ll Believe It When I See It

Clear and 75 by next Saturday. Sure. Just can’t even imagine that happening in Western WaRshington before, say, July 6th. I’d sooner believe Biden is dreaming of a “Bro-Mance” with Obama. (What do you get with a 3-some with Obama, Biden, and Michelle? A 3-dick Oreo.) But, I’d probably better burn trash before everything dries out. Just in case.
Not a lot going on around here. Did I mention that SWMBO took me out and bought me a $150 pair of running shoes? Man, are they comfortable.
Tomorrow is Burt Gummer Day. Sounds like a “Tremors” Marathon in the works for me! Day before my Venaseal procedure too. (Gotta pick up my Valium today!)
Well, that shows the state of our civilization. Went to Rite Aid to get my Valium. Asked how much it was gonna be for one 5mg tablet and she guessed about a buck. Cool! That’s worth not driving to the Naval Hospital and hanging around there for a couple of hours.
So, when I paid it was $.35. Right. Thirty-Five Cents. And I had to use my card cause “Who carries cash anymore?”
But it was ready in less than 20 minutes, so, that’s good.
Just finished reading “When Worlds Collide.” (1933) The 1951 movie is still one of my favorites and probably gets played once a month (at least), but I had never read the book. Not that I remember anyway.
I was … disappointed. The only thing they really had in common was Worlds Colliding and Spaceship Takes Off. The “prose” was extremely dated, stilted, the characters too proper, and one quickly got tired of Tony Drake’s obsession with (and seemingly endless description of) Eve Hendron. One would expect the “philosophical” conversations to be a reflection of the time the book was written; but to a “modern” perspective it was a bit, ah, too much (for me). But I mostly got tired of the love  conversations between Tony & Eve. The final battle between the scientists and the unwashed horde was pretty cool. Dave Ransdal (sic) didn’t have as much to do in the book. Movie should have had the destruction described in the book. Would have added only 4-6 hours to the final movie.
Still, it was enjoyable and a fair to good read. I bought the “After Worlds Collide” and am about 5 pages into it. It seems different. Like the author had mellowed and improved his rhetorical style. But I am only about 5 pages into it. We’ll see.
Think I’ll go make the bed.

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