What A Way To Start The Week!

With Sunday, of course! I guess most “normal” folks look at Monday as the start of the week. However, when you’re “retired” (whether you want to be or not), and every day starts out the same as every other day,  you find yourself starting the week with Sunday. Just seems natural and “how it should be.”

FA-18. Cool!

My Sunday started out as usual; trying to watch the news and catching up on e-mail. (Been wondering how my Uncle down in Texas if fairing what with all the Wx they’re having down there.) Shit, showered and had breakfast after starting my first load of laundry (usually whites). About time to start figuring what to make for dinner. (Chili Dogs & Bakes? Chied Fricken & Mashed? Meatloaf & Baked? Shrimp & Rice?)

This Is One Kick Ass Fighter!

Working out with my Father-in-Law how to share things via Dropbox. I have a butt-ton of space to store things online spread all over the place:

  • 25 Gig at SkyDrive
  • 7 gig at SkyDrive (I don’t remember how I got two accounts)
  • 5 gig on Dropbox
  • 5 gig on Google Drive
  • 2 gig at 1and1
  • Plus I can upload all my photo’s (a bit at a time) on Google+ and/or Flickr and all my video’s to YouTube.
  • I also blog at my blog, wordpress.com, Google Blogger, Tumblr & Twitter. (And they’re all connected somehow.)

But it still doesn’t seem to be enough sometimes! And, Holy Crap!, I belong to a lot of websites! (My Bookmarks” could print out to a small booklet!) Some people, including our son, thinks storing things in “The Cloud” is a bad thing. To me, it depends on what you store. Public type pictures and documents; who cares? Bank account/passwords and the like: No Way!

Hopefully The Next Step! I'll Go! I'll Go!

I wonder how long my YouTube account will stay up after I die and don’t log in for awhile? If it stayed “forever” I’d upload ALL my video’s so folks could watch them 100 years from now. Same with my photo’s and Flickr/Google+ or wherever.

Dinner turned out to be Shrimp, Rice & Veggies. Was good. Now it’s time to veg out with the Discovery Channel for the rest of the evening. Maybe play on the radio. Maybe finish the laundry. Maybe not.

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