It Really Is Just SSDD Here Today.

Started the day early, as usual; but this time I got to take SWMBO to the Ferry Landing. Nice spending some extra time with her. Coming back the sun, viewed in the rear view mirror, was just coming up and was bright red. It was cool looking! Wish I had had my camera, or even my phone (I forgot it), along.


Nice day that I spent outside as much as possible. Even though that meant digging a hole to mount a new 10 foot pipe to mount my 2-meter antenna to. Man, I hadn’t sweated that much in ages! (But it felt good to be doing something physical.) Going to put my antenna up another 10 feet if I can. Then the base will be at about 30 feet and that should help some. Maybe. I hope.


MCARC 2-meter Wednesday evening chat net went well. Not as many of the new guys joined us tonight though. Bummer.

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