Snowed A Bit Today. Was All Mushy By 1500.

Which pretty much defines Western WaRshington in March every year.

Otherwise, SSDD.

Saw my Doc yesterday. He’s referring me to a knee surgeon and an audiologist. (I’m thinking I need to keep my knee out of my ear or something…). And, since my Blood Pressure was 190/95 in his office he upped all my BP meds. Personally, I think I was kind of upset that they still require everyone to wear masks even though they’ve been proven to be ineffective in so many studies. But, be that as it may … Got my meds filled at the local instead of the Naval Hospital and it came to $53 out of pocket. Probably saved at least that much in gas and waiting (masked) at the Navy Pharmacy for a couple of hours (minimum). Still, 90 days of meds so I’m not really feeling the pain.

Speaking of feeling the pain: that TerraMaster NAS I bought finally started really not working like I believe it’s supposed to work. Half the time I can’t even access it without rebooting. A semi-angry e-mail to TerraMaster tech’s got the reply of: The file system is probably corrupted. Do these 45 steps (which I attempted) and that’ll fix it. Nope. Not happening. Long about step 13 the NAS kept responding in a way contrary to what I was being told to expect. So I just started the “wipe everything and start over” process. If this takes as long as the “add a new drive” process took then it’ll still be doing this Monday evening. But the little box said not to close or navigate from this page OR ELSE! We’ll see.

Met some of the guy from my Ham Radio club at the QFC in town last Thursday and I lost my Starbuck’s Virginity. One of they guys bought us all a coffee but we had to order what we wanted ourselves. So I did. First time. Made it 70 years before taking the fall though. Felt awful spending $6 bucks of his money for a coffee though.

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