All I Can Say Is

What a nice day! Got over 80 degrees and was sunny and just plain nice outside. So I spent as much time out there as I could. Got a lot of “Gardening” stuff done. Got a lot of just sitting out in the Sun done. Of course the Dog and I took off all our clothes and went for a walk through the back 40! (Duh!)


Other than that? Nada thing. Even the MCARC 2-meter Chat Net tonight was low key. Only  four of us checked in. (Which was more than checked in last Sunday evening.)

Oh, watered all the yards.

Exciting, I know. (I was there.)

Oh, yeah: SWMBO’s Son and his girl (and another friend) came over late last night and set off fireworks until 2300 or so. Watched some of the show. Was okay. First time we’ve had fireworks at the house in about 20 years.

And that’s it.

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