Supposed To Be Warm Today. Yay!

Did have an interesting thought last night just before nodding off about something interesting to start a post with; then, naturally because I’m old, forgot it once I actually fell asleep. Falling asleep, for me, is pretty interesting anyway. I hit the rack right around 2100 every night. Read for an hour or so. Actually, read until either everything gets so blurry I can’t, or, I re-read the same sentence 2 or 3 (or 10) times and it still doesn’t make any sense. Then it’s time to put the book away.

So, I do.  Turn over. Get comfortable. Breathe 8 or 10 times. Turn to the other side. Get comfortable. Then spend the NEXT 3 FUCKING WEEKS trying to get to sleep. Oh, yeah. The thoughts just keep on a coming. Ideas flow like a flood of brilliance. Good ideas too. Plans for things around the house coalesce into concrete form and I wonder “Why didn’t I think of that before?” “The Government Needs To …” & “We should have already had a colony on the moon.” “How hungry was the first person to eat a lobster?” “Who first looked at a cow and wondered what would we get if I squeezed this? And can I drink it?”

If my brain ran on Basic, the program would look like:

10 Have random thought

20 if exhausted then tuff shit

22 if thought makes sense then forget it

24 if thought makes no sense then gosub expand on it endlessly

30 goto 10

Then my  brain, my old, tired, taxed, oxygen-starved (CPAP, remember) brain, really kicks into overdrive. Of a sudden, my future can be planned. To my advantage. My mind is so clear. So active. So charged up to change things, all things, for the better. Especially if I were to win the Lotto! (Now my legs get restless.)

Hell, I’ve already solved anti-gravity a dozen times!

Or, I get the same 13 seconds of a song I’ve recently heard repeating endlessly in my mind.

And then, because I’m Old, I gotta pee. Again.


My lovely, young, bride of almost 30 years can close her book, close her eyes, and with-in 45 seconds is snoring like there is no tomorrow. (And if she keeps up the damned snoring there MAY be no tomorrow. For her!) Bitch! (Just kidding!)

By the time I quit doing all the things yesterday that I should have done over the weekend, having gone “camping” instead, it was late before I realized it. Didn’t really feel like posting before heading off to the rack for the night. Good for y’all, probably.

Today was supposed to be a nice day. And I guess it sorta is. Nice enough for me to get out and mow all the lawns. All the lawns. And the path leading to the back of the property. Only took a couple of hours and two tanks of gas. Rider Mower tanks. Not my truck tanks. Man, that would be a lot of gas to mow the damned yard.

Watered the plants that need to be watered. Weeded the power box planter thingie. Pulled all the trees growing in it, that aren’t supposed to, out. (Lot’s of Pine trees and Blackberry bushes. And weeds.) Thinking of getting out the weed whacker but think I’ll hold off on that until tomorrow.

MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Chat Net went well. Eleven check-ins. New guys from Tacoma & Tumwater checked in. Cool!

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