Actually Got Busy Today!

SWMBO had to go to an interview in Seattle (proper) and I stayed home cause I hate driving in Seattle. I can drive in Seattle; I just hate to do so.


So I stayed home and pressure washed the deck. Only took a couple of hours. I got soaked, the day got rather warm (maybe cause I was out in the sun pressure washing), so you can guess what happened. That’s right: Naked Fat Old Guy pressure washing the deck!


SWMBO got home around 1630 and took me to Casper’s for pizza. They make good pizza. Kind of spendy but good. Did our usual Safeway on the way home. Picked a shit-load of beans from the garden.

We sat and watched “RV” while she processed the beans. (Strip the ends off and snap them in half.) Funny movie.

One Of My Favorite CD's! (MP3's)

And that’s about it. SWMBO parboiled the beans and they’re drying a bit before she puts them in the freezer. Coffee is set up to go at 0700, as usual. Time to go to bed and read awhile.

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