Really Unusual For Us: 19 Degrees Tonight. Wind Chill 11 to 5 Degrees Possible.

Crap. I hate being cold. It is snowing right now but isn’t supposed to stick. BUT, with 19 Degrees low, how is it supposed to NOT stick? Gonna make our morning walk a bundled up pleasure tomorrow.

Had a CT scan of my left hip & knee today so the robot can figure out how it’s going to give me a new knee next month. Oh, finally got scheduled and now have no less than 3 different appointments, on the phone and in person, to make sure that I’m ready to go. Well, I’m ready to go. I think. Fuck.

Not looking forward to several weeks of pain/uncomfortable-ness but it’s gotta get better than the daily crap I get to enjoy now. I can do this. In a year it’ll be remembered pain.

Watching the Youtube video’s has helped. Seeing what other folks are ‘suffering’ and their tales helps. Also their experiences with rehab.

And I’ll have She Who Must Be Obeyed to help me.

Been listening to 1.FM: Deep House Radio on the internet. NICE!

I use ‘StreamWriter” to listen to/record internet radio stations. It usually cuts out the commercials when recording. Mostly. Mostly listen to KWPX Cowpoke Radio (cause I grew up with this stuff and know all the words), Costa Del Mar (Original), Chilltrax-The World’s Chillout Channel, and some of the Oldies stations. Ancient Oldies actually. Hard to believe some of the music I grew up with in the mid-60’s to mid-70’s is 50 years or older now. Another Fuck.

SWMBO doesn’t like my changed tastes in music but that’s pretty mutual. Can’t stand most of the stuff she listens to (Loren Green: Ponderosa, etc) but have a bunch of it on a thumb drive for when we take trips together. And she does get to listen to “her” music on trips; just not all the time. There’s a lot of things I can put up with for awhile for her.

Just tried turning on the heaty snow melting setting on the starlink router and accidentally rebooted the danged thing.

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