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Sometimes I Forget Things. Then At Other Times I Forget Things.

Someone asked for an explanation of what I mean by “ripping,” so: I use “Makemkv” to “rip”/copy a DVD/Blu Ray to my hard drive. Each episode of a tv program (NCIS or whatever) usually comes in around 1.8 Gig. Then I run those files through “Handbrake” to “shrink” those episodes to around  1 Gig or less (around 5-700mb usually). 45 minute episodes. The bigger the ripped file, the bigger the final file. A DVD movie rips at around 4 Gig and Handbrake can take that down to 700mb without any real loss in video quality. A Blu Ray movie usually rips at 21-30 Gig and, again, Handbrake can shrink that down to 1.2 Gig depending on your settings and desires. Some movies I use higher quality settings so I don’t miss any of the space war scenes or goose bumpy boobs and those usually max out around 2.3 Gig. I gotta really like the movie though.

So, all our movies and tv shows reside on the NAS and we can watch what we want on any device that can see it. Cool beans. Not having cable and only 1 ota channel available means we rely on buying our entertainment. And YouTube. We be big on YouTube. (And Discovery+. And Wondrium.)

And, yes, to respond to the young guy; I am 70 years old and understand this shit.

New: “Game-Changer” Male Contraceptive – Experimental Drug Stops Sperm in Their Tracks and Prevents Pregnancies Exactly 100% of men have never gotten pregnant, ever; but now we have our own pill just to be sure. 🙂

Busy week around the house. Even managed to get outside a couple of times it hasn’t been raining or just too damned cold. Started up the tractor just to be sure that works. Walking around the property to start to plan repairs. Winter damage has taken down more of our small tree’s and part of our path is blocked. Lots of downed branches. Gotta move some sycamore trees before it gets warm. Thinking of moving my grape to my tower and letting it grow up that.

Made an antenna feed cable out of some wire I got at Habitat for $7 that, later, some of the more “experienced” Hams near me said couldn’t be used as antenna cable. Working fine and has zero SWR (feedback). Going to try that other spool of wire I bought for $4 at the Habitat Store. I’ve found that almost anything can be used as an antenna/cable if you recognize its limitations and compensate for that. Heck, I once saw a guy use the Mannette Bridge in Bremerton as an antenna. My friend in Pa used two rain gutters at his apartment for years. Part of the hobby is experimentation.

Still no word on Starlink.

Freeze dried some ice cream sandwiches for the next time we feed the Missionaries. Which is the 26th this month. Freaks them out to have warm ice cream. But, heck, you can leave those ice cream sandwiches on the counter for a week and they don’t melt. Oooh, I should try Twinkies.

Ruined the 8 plastic buckets ($1/ea) that I was going to use for my new hydroponics experiment. Just being stupid, I think. Drilled the holes I need too small. Might be able to “fix” the error if I use something I can drill into to make the holes the size I need. Kinda like a block of wood to hold the drill bit steady so the hole cutter is centered and secure. I’ll figure it out. It’ll be fun.

Anywho, Date Day so I should get SWMBO started getting up so I can take her to FPH for breakfast. Then I think Home Depot, COSTCO, and WinCo. Maybe event The Dollar Store. (Even though they should change their name to The Dollar-Fifty Store now.)

Talk about forgetting!!! I meant to post this 3 days ago! Where is my freakin’ mind these days?

When I visit Fox News I see: You are seeing this message because ad or script blocking software is interfering with this page. Disable any ad or script blocking software, then reload this page.

And I’m like, sure. You bet.
We have the worst Internet access here; so I have a no-win situation for y’all: SWMBO is using a LOT of our limited bandwidth to show her new cat “cat video’s” on YouTube. Yep,  the cat is all cute as shit attacking her monitor thinking it’s actually going to get that rabbit, mouse, bird, whatever. (To her.) But, she’s using our limited bandwidth to show a CAT videos. I’m afraid to say anything. After all, she’s gotta be a bit crazy to show her cat cat videos. And she knows where I sleep. And I taught her how to operate a digger years ago.
Saw that Raquel Welch died. Bummer.
Anyway, about time I actually posted this.

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A Good Day For Me Is When I Can’t Think Of Single Person I Want To Arrange A Meet Between Them And Their Creator.

Our Local QFC Has Eggs For $7.35/Doz. $7.35! For Eggs!

So, when SWMBO and I stopped by the Chefs Store the other day, we found 15 dozen for just under $50. And, since I have a Freeze Dryer, we got them. That’s, let’s see. 49.00 divided by 15 dozen, …, carry the 4, = $3.26 (rounded down) per dozen. Hey, I could run them through the freeze dryer and sell them for $5/doz and still make some bucks. Hmmm….

I won’t though. Too much like work. And, with my luck someone allergic to eggs would buy some, get sick, sue me and I’d wind up sleeping under the bridge in Bremerton. I’m too old to sleep under any bridge; much less the one in Bremerton. I know it would happen in today’s world cause most people are dicks these days. Don’t get me started.

Anyway, that’s a butt-ton of eggs and they should last us a long time. Can’t make “over-easy” (or anything else that requires a whole yolk) but they’re good for omelets and egg sammiches and such. And baking. I may go get another 15 dozen next week.

Running 1.5 gals of whole milk through the freeze dryer today. Have sliced peppers and something called “riced cauliflower” that SWMBO picked up to try for the next batch. We’re still perfecting the re-hydration part of all this and she thinks that smaller pieces will re-hydrate better. Hey, it’s costing only $5 to prove her right.

That was yesterday and the milk turned out good. To me, re-hydrated in COLD water and it still tastes like milk. Which is what it’s supposed to do.

Dropped $100 at Ace Hardware today for parts for my next hydroponics experiment. Going to try root veggies in buckets. And a mater plant. I’ll post pics when I get it up and running. Yeah, starting the project kind of late, but just now rested from all the traveling and events of 2022 (I never want another 2022) so it’s time to get it started.

SWMBO ordered an “electronic” pet door to let the Dog still go out but keep her new Cat inside until it gets big enough to kinda sorta protect itself outside. Guess who got to install it? Dang, the door was heavy when I took it off! Got it done and the Dog refuses to go through it. Don’t get me started.

Running hash browns and apple slices through the freeze dryer tonight. SWMBO spent the day at a friends trying to “thin out” some of the hoarding she’s done over the past 50 years. (The friend has hoarded. Not SWMBO. But, if one was to look at her sewing room ….)

Cold and windy out. Wx Weenies have predicted possible snow for Monday night-Wednesday morning. And we still pay them.

Have ripped 10 seasons of “Hawaii Five-0” and 8 seasons of “House” and will start them converting tonight just before I go to bed. Even with “Handbrake” using my GPU’s it’s gonna take at least a couple of days to get all those episodes done. Keeps SWMBO happy though; to be able to click on an icon and watch her favorite shows on the big tv.  I have no idea how she’s going to keep all the electronics, movies, and tv shows up after I die. She’s a user.

We’ll both be glad when Starlink gets here though.

The new NAS seems to be working fine. Not sure if it’s the NAS, the Network, or my computer that sometimes pauses in the middle of a program; except my computer will also pause for a bit when copying files from one drive to another locally. May be time to upgrade my distro.

That’s about it. Long time coming. Want all y’all I “follow” to know I appreciate your posts. Keeps me entertained.

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