Well, That Was Disappointing.

Drove to Home Depot in Silverdale to get 5 more of those 11″ flush mount led lights; only to find not only does the store NOT have any, but, looking online it appears they don’t carry it now at all. So I’ll have to come up with another style of light to replace the 7 boob-lights in the tv/living/great room. I have 4 in the MILA that I could steal since we’re going to be tearing out the ceiling and rewiring for new lighting anyway; but would still be one short. But I could luck out later and find one close enough no one would notice on the 12 ft ceiling. Dang! And I originally paid $9 for them “on sale.”

Then I drove to the Walmart in East Bremerton to pick up some things for a cooking experiment and to peruse the new movie display. The selection of veggies and meats was so meager that I put the stuff I’d put in my basket back and went to WinCo. Where I spent $80 on duplicate spices (cause I have shit for brains memory problems) and other stuff. Bought wine for the first time in my life. All the Chefs I watch say not to buy the “cooking wines” but to get the real stuff. So I bought some of the real stuff.

A guy in a wheelchair helped me cause all I knew was I needed “red” wine. Ok. Red. Does the “pink” stuff count?

I quit drinking back in 1975 or so. Except for the occasional (once a year maybe) ice cold beer during summer. I was a beer drinker until it got warm (the beer) then would switch to whiskey & cokes until I got tired of those. Took about 28 or so though. Had many a night of crawling back to the ship and feeling like someone hung my rack sideways on the bulkhead. Glad I quit. (If only I had quit smoking at the same time. That’s another story though.)

So, the experiment. I’ve had this Faberwear “Instant” Pot sitting in my cabinet for about a year (or more) that I’ve used once. Cooks with pressure. We all need pressure in our lives; I know.

So, thawed out a small steak and made the Instant Pot Roast (Best Ever – Literally) from Youtube substituting only two ingredients and, let me tell you, that steak melted (melted!) in my mouth. I have trouble chewing steak most times no matter how it’s cooked. But this: Good! I’ll be making this for SWMBO when she gets home from the hospital for sure.

Now I’m looking at more recipes and maybe a new pot or two (at least one smaller better suited for single person cooking).

Otherwise: SSDD. I’m feeling better physically. Except for the knees. The Old Knees.

But don’t get me started.

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And The Rain Came Down!

And kept coming. Then came some more. Downpours. Overflowed my gutters (all of them at once) a couple of times. I’d never seen it rain that hard here. Only heard thunder once and looking at Windy.com I only saw lightning east and west of me. Ah, well. We got some rain though.

Used SWMBO’s laptop the other day and almost smashed the thing from it being so slow. Really slow. Like click on Firefox and wait 5 minutes slow. Asked her if it’s always this slow and she said “yep.”

So I’m setting up one of my laptops with Linux Mint xcfe for her to “play” with. The only thing she needs from her windows computer to work is a program called Roots Magic. And that all her data gets copied to the “new” computer (duh).

So I copied all of what looks like her data to a thumb drive and got it copied. Installed Wine and the Roots Magic program seems to be working perfectly. Put a couple of solitaire games on and I think that’ll be good. Audacious to play music. Smplayer to play video’s (with VLC on there as a backup in case she doesn’t like smplayer.) Got her Firefox all set up and all her links/passwords in and working. Set up Google Drive (she’ll have to visit onedrive and dropbox online if she needs to). I’ll do Thunderbird tomorrow.

Another heavy rain passing through.

Otherwise, not a whole lot going on around here. Me and the Dog drive to the mailbox everyday (except Sunday of course). We don’t really get out a lot. Need to rent a digger for a day but think I’ll wait until the end of the week. Hopefully it won’t be raining.

Replaced two of the “boob” lights in the big room with 11″ round led lights. I’ll do two more tomorrow then will need to buy 4 more at Home Depot this week. Seems like there’s always something to do around here!

Oh, finally learned to make decent “fries” in the air fryer.

And I hope SWMBO gets to come home by then too. We really miss her around here.

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