My Christmas Was Excellent Since I Got To Spend It With SWMBO Again!

Started with about 2″ @ 0530 today. This was about 1100 or so. Dog had a blast on our walk! He purely loves the snow.
Still involved in post-Christmas Dinner Clean-Up but finally at the last of it. Looking forward to that left-over Ham for sammiches for lunch.
And that’s pretty much it. Lazy post-Christmas Sunday. Not many chores done. No politics. No Drama! Just taking it easy and wishing y’all the best. Be safe going home!

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Hope All Y’all Have A Really Great Christmas. Think I’ll Go Roast My Nuts By The Open Fire. LGBFJB

Now that we’ve killed you, we want to save you: Single Dose of China‚Äôs Ad5-nCoV COVID-19 Vaccine Is Safe and Effective in Phase 3 Trial.Seems only fair that since they infected us (and the world) with the COVID that we should let them vaccinate us against it now. NOT! I’s sooner trust Democraps to actually want something good for America first. (Which means that’ll never happen.)

And Anti-Gun Democraps are loosing their fucking minds cause they don’t know if they should do their regular anti-gun whining or be glad it was there and used: The husband of the high-ranking Democratic Illinois lawmaker who was carjacked this week used a legally-owned gun to fire shots at the alleged carjackers, according to multiple reports.

Non-Compos-Mentis: “Let’s go Brandon, I agree,” Biden responded. (Which makes my Christmas all the more merrier!)

Have a great day!

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