If I’m Ever In An Accident And Become The Featured Vegetable At Dinner: Just Unplug Me And Let Me Go. Oh, and #FJB

Turns out the USDA really wants me to “register” my garden so they can put it on a map and something something something and climate change and equity. What they really want is my address so they can confiscate my veggies when they want and give it to someone that was too lazy to grow their own. NOT HAPPENING! “People’s Garden” sounds a little too much like communism for my taste. But that might be the Ol’ Southern in me. Since I’ve switched to hydroponics, and can run the grow lights off batteries and solar, “they” can double kiss my ass. Add that to your National Registry of gardens.

A great OLD saying we had in the Navy was: Piss Poor Management On Your Part Does Not Constitute An Emergency On My Part. I still believe the same whatever the situation is. I’m refusing to participate in your drama.

I may still keep a small outside garden for appearances sake; but not anything I’d count on to really feed us. Grow just enough to be stolen but not enough to get killed over. Y’all laugh, but, any Government that will kill you over money (taxes) will kill you over food when their time is right.

Anywho, not a whole bunch going on around here. Still trying to get things done outside while the Wx is nice. And it is nice. Almost scary nice. Looks like it’s going to last another week too. Usually by now it’s raining a lot. And cold.

SWMBO talked me into going to our favorite teriyaki place last Date Day. The chicken I had was just awful. Tough. Stringy. Tasted good but damned near UN-chewable. AND I got the shits and nausea Saturday. All in all was not a great day.

She turned her car in to the mechanic last Monday and I wound up running her all over the County trying to get things done for her friends. She will not drive my truck. Not even on long trips. Won’t really tell me why either. So that was my world Monday to today (Thursday). Well, it does get me time with her.

Watching a lot of Raspberry Pi projects on YouTube. Not that you can get a Raspberry Pi anywhere. Down to my last 4 that I’m not really using at this time so I gotta be particular about what projects I decide to do. Did get my Radio Pi up and running and doing all the digital modes. I need to get back into doing more Ham stuff!

Speaking of which, a Ham friend came over yesterday cause he’s been having problems for weeks getting his Pi and radio to recognize and use his new Signalink sound card. We played with it for a couple of hours over here and he left with everything working. Happy camper and thinks I might actually know what I’m doing. We were having a lot of trouble getting Hamlib to connect and control his radio until I noticed a USB port on the back of it (the radio) and plugged a USB cable into the darned thing and the Pi. That worked. Now he’s got control and can do all the digital modes. So, cool!

Took SWMBO to the Genealogy Library for a shift today and I made the rounds of Habitat, Walmart, Goodwill and spent ONLY $100. Or so. Forgot that I had ordered the complete series “Bones” (delivered today as a matter of fact) and bought seasons 1-6 at Walmart. Senior Moment! God, I hate those. Luckily I can return it next time we go there. Also bought 500 (or so) feet of RG6 wire I thought might be good for antenna stuff. One of my Extra (Ham) friends says no though. Still gonna try it.

Cause I’m made that way.

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When You Make Me An APPOINTMENT For A Specific Time, I EXPECT To Be In My Appointment At That Specific Time. That’s Why It’s An APPOINTMENT And Not A Walk-In.

Had the appointment with my Cardiologist yesterday. Hegerwald. Walked away from that one pissed.
Busted my ass in traffic to get to the appointment by 1415 (would have made it except for getting stuck behind the logging truck that refused to go over 15 mph UNDER the speed limit so I arrived at 1418) for a 1430 appointment. Checked in then wait, wait, wait, wait, finally got in to about 1445. Still almost 20 minutes earlier than how long I waited the last time.
Assistant takes me in to the exam room and takes my vitals. That’s 2 minutes. She leaves and in less than 30 seconds the Doc comes in. Great!
Pleasantries. Pleasantries. Reading the results from my last series of tests done last January he’s holding in his hands. Heart action fine. Heart strength fine. Everything looks good; any questions?
Yeah, why does my heart occasionally feels like it fibrillating and speed up for a few seconds?
Oh, that can happen and is really nothing to worry about. Any chest pains?
Only when I over exert myself.
Really? When was your last chemical stress test?
(Pointing to his hands holding the results from my last stress test) Last January.
Oh. Well. You’re heart is good. Make an appointment with me in 6 months.
Wait. That’s it? You could have told me this over the phone.
OH, I like face-to-face to answer any questions or concerns.
Really? Well, Doc, I enjoy busting my ass in traffic on a 2-hour 80 mile round trip when we could have called or zoomed test results that I should have had last January. Especially since it’s good news.
He left. I left. Nine minutes total in the exam room.
It will be a cold day in Hell before I make another appointment with that office.
Watching Ian approach Florida. Hope it all works out for y’all.

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