Well, A Week And A Half Later…

We’ve been in the new house for over a week now. I’m tired! I spend most of the day moving things in or around. Spent a couple of days putting in shelves in the little room behind the garage for our food storage. Shelves look good and should stand up to everything but a MAJOR earthquake. Bought some heavy duty boards to put across the stairwell going down to the basement for me to stand on and get that last area painted. Now I have to figure out when I want to do that. SWMBO needs to mow. :grin:

Pat from (West Sound Carpet?) came in last Tuesday and installed the carpet in the "Family" room. (Which is the tv and my computer room.) That was fun. He did a pretty good job but I can still see one of the seams; but he says it’ll wear out in time and be unnoticeable. Hope so. And soon!

Man, I like living out here! Quiet. Dark.

Turns out our property (the new property) backs up against a national forest (or state forest. I’m not sure.) so we don’t have to worry about anyone building back there. Now I gotta make up my mind if I mind the dirt bikers using my dirt road/trail to go to and from. First off the top of my head is: Block It Off. But I think that’s the old guy in me talking.

Started work on my "Man Cave" downstairs in the basement. Got a workbench set up for me to work on computers and a couple of cabinets to store thing. Got the NAS units set up and serving us our movies/tv/music wirelessly. Router seems to be working great. Now if only my new computer would fall into line! Damn thing keeps randomly rebooting. No rhyme or reason. Seems to happen more often if I’m doing 2 things at once. Damn! I’ve taken this thing completely apart and reassembled it twice. Today I even replaced the power supply "just in case." Didn’t help. (I’m even saving this post after every sentence "just in case.")

Just not much else going on around here. Pretty quiet except for whoever it was shooting their gun in the forest earlier today. Friends came over for lunch and we had a BBQ out on the deck. Ate some of the burger I ground up this morning. Was good!

Anywho, the cell phones are working out pretty good. I got mine set up to retrieve all my e-mail accounts and I can delete them from the mail server from the phone if I want. Saves a lot of time for when I later download the messages. I don’t get many calls; except from SWMBO but it has worked really well. Welcome to the 21st Century, Doc!

That’s about it from here. Think I’ll go lay down and read awhile as it is getting late. Re-reading some of my "Destroyer" books. Of the several I’ve re-read I know I’ve read them before, I just can’t remember anything of the story. Think I ought to get checked for memory problems…:cry:

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