Time To Get Caught Up!

But there just ain’t much going on! I continue to move stuff around trying to find a place for everything and put everything in it’s place. I’m still tired! Just loaded the truck up with stuff in the garage and unloaded it downstairs. Pretty bad when it’s easier to load it into the truck, drive around the house to downstairs and unload it. Not that I’m lazy or anything…

New house is working out grand! I’m sleeping like a baby; it’s so much quieter and darker here than the last place we lived. And it is really nice not hearing that Post Office truck smashing things around @ 0530 everymorning. Nor do I miss those buttheads and their boom-box vehicles stopping by the Post Office at all hours of the night. Cool!

It’s been really nice weatherwise the past week. Got out to the property a couple of times just to mess around. I feel almost lost out there cause I haven’t really anything to do but sit around and read or whatever. No dirt I have to move. No rocks I have to dig out. Just chill. Kind of hard to get used to after 3 years of doing all that.

Went to church last Sunday for the whole session. That’s the first time I’ve been to Sunday School or Elders Quorum in about 10 years. Not sure if I’m going back for them again. Oh, the meetings were okay; but I think I’ve changed. We’ll see.

Went over and picked up our friend Philip last Monday and took him to COSTCO. He bought only 1 thing but spent about half an hour hitting the free samples. :grin: And I even managed to spend $50 on things we needed. Got me one of those office chair mats so I don’t ruck up the new carpet too much.

Spend my evenings re-ripping our cd’s and finding a place for stuff in boxes. No, not really. I am re-ripping our cd collection so they’ll all be mp3’s instead of mix of wma’s & mp3’s. What I’m not doing is finding a place for things in boxes. I’m trying to get everything OUT of boxes; so I guess I’m trying to find a place for everything in the house.

OTT, just not much going on.

Switch to digital broadcasting didn’t affect us much here as we’re already using the converter box for our tv (what little we watch). I’m not picking up any more channels than before the switch. Thinking about buying a bigger antenna for the roof but still not sure that would bring in any more channels. Hell, I only watch the news and weather now anyway. But, when it’s time for the new season of Smallville & Supernatural & Fringe I’d like to watch them. Probably will to check it out anyway.

Anywho, that’s about all there is from us here outside Belfair, Washington.

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