Well, It’s About Time I Posted!

But, actually, I’m lucky to even be able to check my e-mail much less post to my blog!:grin:

Okay, We got the keys to the house last Thursday. (We’d already been inside for two days taping things off and spray painting the two living rooms and the dining area. Had to buy a 10ft step ladder to reach the ceiling!) So we kinda sorta started moving in on that Friday. Saturday I rented a big truck from Budget Rental (really good service) in Gig Harbor and a few of the guys from church showed up and we had all the heavy stuff stuffed into it (took all of 45 minutes!). Cool!

Drove it on over to the new house where a few guys from the new Ward we’re in showed up to help unload. Let me tell you; they/we had the truck unloaded AND the PODS thing unloaded in an hour and a half! They worked good. Course, most everything went straight into the garage…:shock:

Of course, our first night sleeping in the new house was, well, strange. Different noises and such. And it is DARK out here! Man, after 10 years living next to a mechanic shop with a streetlight, and the past 3 years living next to the Olalla Post Office with it’s several big lights lighting up the whole building and parking lot (not to mention the people with their damned boom box cars stopping by at all hours) it is SO nice to live out where there just isn’t much light at all. Neighbors keep their front porch light on, and the neighbor uphill does have one of those street light things; but you can’t really see it from out place. Cool! You can see so many stars out here!

And, of course, we’ve been really busy cleaning things and moving stuff from the garage to the house. I am so sore! (I’m old!) Right now I’m kind of putting like boxes in one place; meaning boxes full of book in one place and food storage in another, etc. Did have to get most of the kitchen boxes into the kitchen so I could cook us something to eat. (Did I mention that we moved the electric stove from the MIL Apt up to our kitchen? We did. Going to use it until I can get a gas line run to switch over to gas.)

SWMBO and I started pulling up the laminate in the family room (where my computer is going to be) so the carpet guy can install carpeting next Monday. Good thing I know how to use a circular saw! I finally got all the painting equipment cleaned up and ready for the next job. Gotta lot of swabbing to do!

And we have to replace everything in our freezer! Damn! We were so busy moving things in that we didn’t notice that it wasn’t working after we plugged it in. So it had 3 days for everything to thaw out before I noticed. Damn! So I cleaned it out and made a dump run yesterday to get rid of it all. But it does give me a great chance to really clean the freezer out!

AND we spent 4 days running back and forth to the old place getting the last of the stuff out (I made 4 trips in one day @ 30 miles (rounded off) each way = 240 miles) and cleaning. SWMBO had some help from a friend who did some excellent work and I finally got the last of the stuff yesterday and paid Virgil 4 days rent and gave him the keys and we’re FINALLY out of there! Too too cool!

Anywho, gotta make a run to Silverdale. SWMBO’s picking up her new glasses (which could worry me as she’ll be getting her first good look at me in several years) and gotta start re-filling that freezer.

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