Another Interesting Day!

Got a call late yesterday afternoon about some of the folks from church getting together Saturday morning (@ 0730) to go out to Belfair, WA and help out flood victims. So I got up early and was out of the house at 0700. Got to the Community Center in Belfair and our group was assigned to NE Tahuya River Drive. My Street! Well, where we’re going to build our dome. Cool! So about a hundred of us showed up in my future neighborhood and spent most of the day moving flood damaged things out of houses, clearing drainage, shoveling mud and tearing dry-wall out. Wish I could have taken my Digger out there; but there was some ’heavy’ equipment so things got done. Looking at some of those folks home with watermarks up to their windows makes me feel not so bad about having to repair a road. At least I’m not having to replace a house!

Got home and spent a half hour washing off and warming up in the shower. Now just farting around. Gotta build the fire up. We’re going to batch it tonight. Thank Goodness; I do not feel like cooking tonight.


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