Doesn’t Seem Like It, But I Have Been Busy.

Setting up and learning new programs. PHP scripts really. Set up a "Ad" site I’m hoping the folks at church will start using to let other folks know about any items they have laying around the house that they really don’t want and will give away free, or any Needs they might have (like older folks needing yard work done, etc). Then I set up a TikiWiki site to experiment with. Then a WikkaWiki site to experiment with. Hoping to make both (or the one I settle on) Disaster Preparedness sites. Then there’s all the stuff I’ve installed on my Localhost server to experiment with. I have so many sites that I’m working on or maintaining! I need to get a job!

Then there’s the regular stuff I do around the house. Then there’s the irregular stuff I have to do. One thing I’m noticing is that I really need to focus. Make plans for the day and stick to them. Aside from converting all my movies to .avi files to store on a server I have a butt-ton of pictures and ’papers’ I need to scan and store on a disc somewhere. Get rid of some of this clutter. Have a couple of old monitors and an old (shorted out) tv that I need to take to the dump too. Not to mention the big box of papers I already have that I need to get rid of. Maybe I ought to start one of those little green ’to do’ books like I used in the Navy?

Man! I just spent a totally wasted 45 minutes trying to deal with the Military’s MyPay site trying to print a copy of my 1099r. What a complete travesty of a site. I think I clicked on every link available and still never found anything actually pertaining to me or my retired pay. When I first logged in it showed my 1099r but the thing wouldn’t print anything but the lines of the form. No data. And of course the site doesn’t mention that it requires IE6+ until after nothing works. And why a site would require an unsafe insecure browser is beyond me anyway.

Took my lovely young bride out to dinner tonight cause I spent too damned much time online at the MyPay site trying to get back to my 1099r. Went to the Teriyaki place up by Albertson’s, then to Target for a ’ear warmer thingie’, then to Home Depot for light switch cover plates. It’s cold and damp out there!

Smallville was Killer tonight. Chloe telling Jimmy about her meteor infection (and showing him). Grant a clone (Season 1 (?) did establish that Julian died by suffocation). Clark flying to rescue Chloe & Jimmy but turning out to be the Bizarro Clark; the real Clark frozen in a crystal. Too cool! I still think that Clark & Chloe should get together. Lois and Grant should NOT break up. Jimmy should hang with Kara. Lana, well, I don’t know. Lex needs to team up with someone like ’Catwoman’.:shock: (I know I’m mixing my comics but she was also a part of the DC Comics world.)

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