Annual Sibert Christmas Party…

Was tonight. We’ve been friends with Pat (across the street) for about 13 years now and get invited to their Christmas party every year. It’s nice. Lots of good food and company. I still have the present I got last year (a bead filled vibrating pillow). Was nice to go again this year.

Haven’t been doing much since last Saturday. Sunday was a pretty normal Sunday for me right up until 1650 or so. Got a piece of peppermint candy stuck in my throat and coughed so long and hard that I got a splitting headache. Had to lay down. Missed SWMBO’s Christmas Choir thingie. Damn! And cause I slept about 4 hours I stayed up that much later that night.

Monday? Hmm… Can’t remember. Seems to me all I did was clean up around the house.

Today SWMBO and I went to the Navy Exchange and bought a real electric blanket! Guess we’ll see how good it warms that bed up before we climb into it.

SWMBO also bought me the Accelerator Pac for FSX. Has 2 new planes, a new Helo and a butt-ton of new missions to play with. I took off and landed on a carrier with an F16! Cool! (And only crashed it once.) Been flying the P51 mustang all over the place. The Exchange also has 3 more expansion pacs that I want to get. $30 each! Phew!


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