I know. I know. I Haven’t Posted…

In awhile. What can I say? Sometimes just the daily routine takes all your time. If you’re normal, that is. :lol:

Gads! What have I been doing? It’s all run together. Still getting to the property when I can to move dirt around. Still doing the regular daily stuff around the house.

Did get in those DNS-321’s I ordered. Set on up with a 500 GB drive. Damn thing reformats the drives. Won’t use NTFS format so I had to copy everything off the drive I wanted to keep (500 GB worth of movies) to my local drive (what a pain!) before putting it into the NAS. Took only a few minutes to reformat the drive.

Took a bit longer to set the NAS itself up. Wasn’t really hard or anything; just took awhile to match it to our internal network. Then you have to set up users and access and permissions. Pain in the butt! So I got it all set up and started copying the movies back to the drive. Fourteen (14) hours later it finished! Fourteen! For 489 Gig!

Then I installed the 2nd 500 GB drive and set it up as our music/data drive. Took only 2 hours to copy all the music to it. But it is working great! SWMBO can listen to her music and I can watch a movie at the same time. We can both watch different movies at the same time. I like it!

COSTCO has an ad for 1.5 TB drives for $110. Took Philip (our 70 yr old neighbor) to COSTCO with me to pick one up and let him get some shopping done. He spent so much time browsing the free food sample handouts that I spent about 30 minutes just waiting on him before getting into line. Then, when it was time for me to check out, the checkout guy told me the $30 off coupon wasn’t any good until Monday. Damn! But I will be making a trip back to COSTCO Monday!

So, when I get the new drive; one NAS will have 2 500 GB drives; one set up or music and the other for data. The other NAS will have 2 1.5 TB drives; one for television shows and one for movies. Too cool! I’ve already set up a computer to act as the "projector" to show whatever on the big tv. It’s working great too! That ATI Radeon 9000 video card works great for showing things on tv as long as I don’t install the ATI drivers. Go figure!

Then, last Friday after we got home from our date, I stuck a cd in my dvd drive, it spun up to about 1 MILLION rpm and the disc shattered! After that I couldn’t get the drive to respond at all. Damn! I even took everything apart and back together to no avail. So, yesterday, I went and bought a new dvd drive ($62!), came on home and installed it. No Go! Still! Damn! So I redid everything. Still didn’t work. Damn Damn!

So, while setting up the new tv server I put both drives in it. Both working great except sometimes the old drive doesn’t want to open when I press the button. Which I could live with because this means that something is going wrong with the drive controller in my computer. Damn Damn Damn! I can’t afford a new computer right now.

Anywho, it’s Easter Sunday and we’re waiting for my brother-in-law to show up with his new girlfriend. I’m cooking ham, taters & carrots and gotta get back on that. Hope y’all had a nice one!

Summers On The Way!

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