What A Nice Day!

Yesterday and today actually. NICE! Meaning it got above 50 degrees and wasn’t raining. Nice and sunny.

Yesterday I went to the property to move some dirt and it was almost nice enough to take my t-shirt off. Today it was nice enough to get naked and lay out after moving dirt. You just can’t beat that! I love summer. Wish it would get here!

My MediaCenter went TU. Power went out yesterday morning around 0700 and took the motherboard with it. Thought it was the power supply and went and bought a new one down at Motherboards Etc in Gorst. Swapped it in but still no go. So I unplugged everything and started adding drives back in. Would run fine with only one drive (any drive) plugged in but with two or more wouldn’t run. Must have taken out the drive controller.

So, back to Motherboards Etc to see how much a new motherboard would cost. They don’t have any that will take an AMD processor so I’d have to start from scratch. Let’s see… $80 for a new MB. $130 for a new cpu (Intel). $30 for 1 gig of ram. Hmmm. $240 plus tax. Then I’d have to buy a new video card ($50 Plus depending) as the new board has PCIe instead of AGP. Nope. Too much.

So I came on home and talked to SWMBO about it. Got online looking for motherboard/cpu combo’s. Still expensive! And would still have to buy a new video card. So I found, and bought, two (2) D-Link DNS-321 NAS Enclosures (2 bay) for $260 with $30/ea rebate. Cool! Except for occasionally showing something on the big tv we almost always use the MediaServer as a server and watch stuff on our computers. Or SWMBO uses the music drive while she’s working. I’ll still have to figure a way to show whatever on the tv; but having our stuff available on a couple NAS’s will start us toward what I wanted to accomplish with our media anyway. With these we should be able to access our stuff via the web from anywhere. Cool! Now I just gotta figure where the heck I’m going to put them. And start saving for a couple more 1.5 TB drives!

Been waking up with headaches for the past couple of weeks. I think my head has finally gotten fed up with the smoke and dust and crap from the woodstove. Decided not to start a fire yesterday or last night and woke up headache free this morning. Now we’ll see what happens tomorrow morning. Was kind of cold in here when I did get up but nothing I couldn’t live with.

Really not much else going on. Still waiting on the bank and the contractor for the house stuff. And Mason County, of course. I’ve been getting up to the property when I felt like it. Other than that just not doing much. SWMBO did take me to breakfast Friday noon at the FHP.

Would Be A Nice Birthday Present!

And that’s it.

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