And The Crap Just Keeps Rolling In!

Haven’t posted lately cause I’ve been busy looking at houses. ??? You Ask? Me too!

Got a call from Cindy at Timberland Bank that we might possibly NOT get the loan to build our ICF House. Oh, they can loan us some money, but it would be about $25K short of what we need to completely finish out the project.

That really bummed us out. SWMBO e-mailed our Contractor, Jeff, and told him what is going on. He e-mailed her with an offer to carry the $25K. So they’ve all been calling and e-mailing and hashing all that out these past couple of days.

I’ve been looking for a (new) house. And I gotta tell ya it ain’t easy given SWMBO’s criteria for any house we move into or build. It’s gotta be on one floor as much as possible, and, it’s gotta have something that can be turned into a Mother-In-Law apartment. Other than that she doesn’t really care. My requirements is that it not be near a major road and I’d really like to NOT be able to see my neighbors. (Having a MIL Apartment is a Whole Other Argument and we really don’t want to go there.)

Found two, believe it or not. Houses. With built in MIL Apts. The first, down by the water (sort of) here in Olalla sits WAY back on a lot on the side of a hill and is really kind of nice but would have a butt-ton of external maintenance. The MILA is fairly small also. But the house is fairly huge and has a built in 2 car garage with room for a small wood shop. It has a house length master bedroom with a huge bath and walk through closets where the attic would be on a regular house. But all the carpets and flooring need to be replaced and there are many "dings" where the people that were living there made moving out.

It’s Frakkin’ Huge!

The other, out Tahuya way, is Frakkin’ HUGE! Two levels but each level has it’s own ground level entrance. Has a HUGE daylight basement that would have enough room for a woodshop and room for my father-in-law to set up a couple of his train boards with room left over for SWMBO’s quilting stuff. LARGE 2-bedroom MILA. Two car garage for the upper level with a room at the back for storage/whatever. And did I mention: This Thing Is Frakkin’ Huge! SWMBO and I wouldn’t have to see each other for a week in this thing!

SWMBO liked it when I took her out to see it today (the house that is). I can tell by that look in her eyes that IF it turns out that we can’t build our house, we’ll be putting in an offer for this one. Which would be okay as long as I get the Hell out of this house before another winter swings in on us.

So, we’ll see.

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