No Rest At All Last Night!

Woke up at 0245 with a headache so bad I had to freeze my brain. Man, that hurt. I don’t know what I did differently yesterday evening to bring on a real pounder; I usually watch for and avoid “triggers” that I know will cause a headache. Hell, it could be my reaction to rain moving back in. (As I really do think my head is sensitive to barometric changes.) So I didn’t get up at my usual time and missed my morning smooch from my schweetie.

vlcsnap-00008The only things I can figure that I did, that I don’t usually do, was use my laptop (screen refresh rate?) and consume a “sour patch” gummy bear (which is like pouring straight UN-sweetened kool-aid into your mouth). I can give up the gummy bears.

salma_hayek_gifSo, may day was pretty much shot because of the post-headache “Who Gives A Shit” attitude I get after a really bad one. It’s actually not that I don’t give a shit, I’m unable to work up enough  caring to give a shit. You’ve heard of “The Blah’s?” Yep.

oneDid manage to get my usual chores done. Burned a bit of the trash. Made rice krispie treats for SWMBO. Unhooked my antenna’s when the downpour started. Reattached them when it stopped.

And It’s Starting To Rain Again.

Busy day for all it was Sunday. All my usual chores plus scanning SWMBO’s Genealogical Helpers, moving Computers around, and generally straightening up so her Visiting Teachers wouldn’t be too grossed out when visiting teaching her.


Finally swapped my radio desktop computer for the laptop. Once Windows downloaded and installed the driver for the new cable, the radio came right up. I’ve rebooted 5 times and it comes up every time. Cool! Then I had to import all the contacts I’ve made on the desktop to the database on the laptop. Not hard. Then I attached a monitor so I can put HRD up on one and work on the other. Cool Again.

All this while the sun has been peeking out at us and it got up to 66 degrees so I’ve also been going outside when the sun shines just to soak up a little bit more of that Vitamin D. I already miss summer!

The Movie Did Too Have Some Good Parts!

Installed Ubuntu Media <something> as a virtual machine on “my: computer and have been playing with that. Haven’t been able to make it see my NAS’ or any of the network even though it connects to the Internet okay. But I’ve mostly just been starting different programs to see what they look like and do. I’m still going to switch to Linux when I find I can do everything in Linux as easily as I can in Windows 7.

SWMBO made dinner after her Visiting Teachers left. Spaghetti using some of the Thrive hamburger and other stuff. It was good.


And that’s about it. Been listening to the radio. Laptop is working great. MCARC 2-meter Chat Net in about an hour. Then I’m going to make myself some popcorn and watch the latest Doctor Who before bedtime.