Spent Way Too Much Time Online Today

Looking up “fixes” for SWMBO’s friends Dell laptop. I just cannot get the rebuild discs to get beyond the opening screen. Error out every time. I’m so frustrated with the thing I’m just going to give it back to her and let her take it back to where she bought it to get it fixed. She does owe SWMBO $70 for a new drive though.


AND, spent several hours rebuilding my Nexus 7. I finally got sick and tired (those two go together so well) of it being slow and locking up frequently since it upgraded the OS to the latest Android. I got to where I did not enjoy using the damned thing. Working so much better now but I had to reinstall all my apps and passwords and such. Pain in the patootie but worth the effort. Can’t find where to turn off automatic updates though so I’ll probably have to do this again.


Other than that just not much going on. Headache finally, after 4-5 days, went away. It started sprinkling again; preparing for outright rain. All the usual chores. Took our Renter for a dump run. Made a run to the Post Office & Safeway. MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Chat Net.


And that’s it. Tired.

In Some Ways: Crap! It’s Only Tuesday

I keep going out and “looking” at the travel trailer. Kind of like I want to go somewhere or something. I am thinking of making a trip to Mississippi to the Family Reunion this coming June/July; but that’s only in the possible planning stages right now. Still, we got this new caravan a whole 4 days ago and haven’t been anywhere in it!


Not much else going on around here other than the usual. Did make a dump run so we have two empty garbage cans again. Cleaned all the old stuff out of the fridge. All the usual chores done.

Got on a “Restoration Man” marathon. Love seeing how folks (in England) take on restoration of a really old place and improve them. Not so hot on the “drama” involved; which mostly seems contrived sometimes. But I guess they gotta pull us back to the program somehow.


Needing a bit more to do, I kinda sorta volunteered to help collect audio/visual history’s of surviving USS Turner Joy sailors. I think it’ll be fun. So, until the higher up muckity-mucks get over demanding with cries for More, More, MORE, I think I’ll do the best I can for them. Gotta make sure all my stuff works!

Made myself naked Tilapia (fried in butter/lemon juice, salt, pepper), O’Brien potato’s, and broccoli/cauliflower mix for dinner. Yummy! I really do need to eat out of the freezer more often. Just because I cook for 1 doesn’t mean I can’t use the stuff we have in there.


And that’s pretty much it. Think I’ll finish off this episode of “History Channel-Lost Evidence-The Pacific Hell on Earth” and go to bed.