Pretty Much A Normal Wednesday…

Which means I did the usual around here. Started cleaning out the fridge; I don’t know how long some of that stuff has been in there. SOMETHING was making it’s own gravy!  I really need to move everything out and take the shelves out and run them through a good cleaning. I need to. Which means “sometime this week I’ll probably”…

Storm in Oregon, Ohio last month

Ate a lot of blackberry’s when the Dog and I went for a walk around the property. They was good! Dog didn’t eat any though. Weird. Nice Wx for a walk though. Just a little bit of sprinkle.

Working on my blog still and setting up a new one just for shits and giggles. Will probably try to “break” the new one so I can figure out how to fix things that do get broken here. No, not going to do anything special; just normal every day stuff to see what works and what doesn’t.

Making grilled chicken (with the leftover thawed out chicken from yesterday) over salad for dinner. Using some Cajun seasonings to see how that goes. (Turned out to be a bit more bland than I thought it would be. Still tasted good but the spices may be a bit too old. Have to add more next time!)

In Gorst, WA

MCARC 2-meter Chat Net @ 1930 sucked for me. Could hardly hear anyone for the static, fading in and out and general crappy signal. They had no problem hearing me though. (Hmmm. Wonder if my Rx side of the antenna needs tightening up. I’ll check that tomorrow if it ain’t raining.)

What do you want to bet that NObama steps in and orders things changed: Fort Hood Gunman Guilty.

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