Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies

NC-001ffFrom a mix; but I made them myself. Somehow, even though I used 2 mixes, and should have gotten about 84 cookies, I only got 25. Guess I shouldn’t make my cookies 4” or more across! Ah, well. That’s the way we like them. If you’re gonna have a cookie, have a COOKIE.

Not a whole lot going on lately. Raining still. I think it’s been raining fairly steady for the past 4 or 5 days. I know that yesterday and today the Dog and I only got outside a few times; and managed to get rained on at about the half-way point of our walk each time. (But, it would be the half-way point since when it started really raining I’d turn us towards home.)

So, this evening I thought it’d be awful nice if I made us some Peanut Butter Cookies. Extra crisp for SWMBO (who should be home any moment) and somewhat softer for me. All my usual chores are done. Dishes are in the machine and ready to be washed.

MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Evening Rag Chew went well. I heard most everyone this time! Cool!

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Another Boring Blog Entry By Me

RedBikini1Yesterday was my usual Saturday around here: Waiting on SWMBO to get home to go on our date. Managed to take the Dog for a couple of walks between the raindrops.

SWMBO took me to the China Sun Restaurant in Gig Harbor. I probably shouldn’t get the all-you-can-eat, but, I enjoy the selection of foods instead of being stuck with one “meal” and that’s all you get. So I can have shrimp, crab, chicken, and whatever veggies I want all at once. Still, the best part of the meal, for me, is having my Schweetie sitting across from me. Way better than just eating.

Made a stop at Walmart (since we were in the neighborhood) where I spent almsot as much on Blu-Ray’s as we did on food. Well, not really. Only $20 but got “Backdraft,” “Megamind,” and Jack Reacher.

Our usual Sunday so far. It’s still raining so we probably won’t get out for a walk. Seattle’s average rainfall is right around 2.53” for this time of year. So far we’ve had 5.52” for the same time period. I Hate The Rain! I’d rather see it snowing than raining. (I’d actually rather have 80 years of Sunny 75+ degree days!) Ah, well.

RedBikini4SWMBO’s Home Teachers are coming over after Church so I’ve been ‘straightening up.” Pulled some chicken to thaw so she can fry it for dinner. Dog really wants to go for a walk. (And I may try to slip one in even if it is raining. We’ll see.)

Holy Crap! It’s now an hour after my bedtime. Where did the time go?

Oh, the MCARC Sunday evening 2-meter net went really well. Even had a couple of new folks check in. Cool!


Well, Home Teachers cancelled out so SWMBO made fried chicken,veggies, and corn bread stuffing for dinner. Was good. I do believe she could turn out to be a rather nice Southern Girl!

Been watching Natural Disaster stuff, mostly about tornado’s, on YouTube. Joined the Kahn Acadamy and watched some video’s on Geology. Cool!

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