Mostly The Usual Friday. Mostly.

Did get to take my truck in for an oil change, tire rotation, and whatever else they did to it for the first Warranty Check. Lot of sitting around. Lot of walking around. Man, the new “Vette” looks good!


Other than that, just not much going on. Kinda sorta listening to “Doctor Who and the Bannerman” in the background. Stupid. I can see why you don’t hear a lot about this Doctor Who.

Experimenting for dinner. Took a package of Au Gratin Potato’s, mixed in corn & lima beans & cooked burger (sorta my version of Shepard’s Pie). That’s in the oven for the next half hour. I’ll let you know how that turns out.


Yep. And it was so good that I went back for seconds. And nibbled on some more when I took my plate to the dishwasher.

And, that’s it again for me. I’m going to go lay down. Gotta get up at 0500 tomorrow so I can be up all day and be tired enough to go to sleep for my sleep study tomorrow night. That’ll be fun!

Holy Crap I’m Sore & Tired!

But that’s because I spent most of the day on a roof working on an antenna. What that boils down to is: We took down an antenna (a heavy unwieldy antenna) only to, 3 hours later, put it right back where we took it from in the same condition we took it down in.


But, first, I spent a couple of hours over at a friends house getting him set up to do PSK31 and other digital stuff. Which meant trying several radio’s before I took apart his new Signalink only to find it wasn’t wired inside. So we did that. Everything worked just fine after that. Now he’s got to get involved and try things out for his own if he really wants to learn it.


Then we went over for the “antenna party.” Sure spent a lot of time on a roof today.

Yesterday I had a headache all day and really didn’t feel like posting last night. Still had most of it when I woke up this morning but had already made plans to go over and help my friend get his radio set up for PSK. Grabbed breakfast on the way cause I really didn’t feel like making it for myself.


Which is why I grabbed a quick dinner on the way home. Damn, I’m getting old.