It Would Be Funny, But

So, reference my convo with SWMBO’s Doc yesterday: St. Michael’s Hospital in Silverdale won’t let my see my dieing wife, Social Media posts, etc.

Well, today her Doc talked to her about “probably” transferring her to a facility in Tacoma that specializes in pulmonary rehab and wouldn’t that be great to go to!? Truthfully, she doesn’t need to be in the hospital for covid anymore; but still needs the high flow O2 to keep her blood O2 up. So, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. And supposedly (sorry: subposibly) they do specialize in pulmonary.

But, Tacoma? I hate driving to/thru Tacoma. With a passion. When we go on trips that take us towards Portland I always go through Shelton and Olympia instead of Tacoma. Driving through Tacoma is like getting to a throat via the anus.

AND there still may be a “No Visitors” rule at the new place. But, St. Michael’s would rather I bothered the other place than them.

However, one wonders if this decision was because I was getting pushy about being able to actually visit my wife and made some pretty serious “threats?”

I still believe St. Michael’s No Visitors rule is there just because it’s easier for them. Fuck the patients and their families. We don’t want to deal with it. One of the things they told me through their actions is that even they believe masks don’t work. Think about it.

We’ll see what happens. As long as SWMBO gets better and gets home I’m okay with whatever needs to be done.

Did make a trip to the hospital today to drop some things off for her. Nail clippers being one. The low level employee at the greet desk told me “We don’t accept nail clippers!” I told her she’d better check with whom ever she needed to check with cause I was told to bring them down. She had me see a slightly higher low level employee who called the nurse on the floor and asked her about it. All I said was “I was told to bring them down and drop them off.”

Nurse from the floor said she’d be right down. And she was. Took the plastic bag with the stuff for SWMBO NQA. I didn’t mention to anyone that it was SWMBO who told me to bring them down. Joke ’em if they can’t take a fuck.

Got caught in traffic on the way home. 1430 and traffic. Don’t you people have jobs!?

Baked tater topped with chili, chopped onions, and Mexican 4-cheese for dinner. Someday I’ll make someone a great wife. Probably out of crushed aluminum cans cause I have a butt-ton of those.

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Ever notice how your girl will sit in a chair in the Mall and let another girl poke holes in her earlobes with only a grimace, yet a fingertip in her butthole “Hurts too much so stop it?” Just wondering.
Not really. Read somewhere that your opening should grab folks interest and you can let them down from there.
So, went to my first interview for jury duty. Lawyers asked me all kinds of questions; but the one that stuck out was “Do you believe in the death penalty?”
“I sure do.” Says I. “If it’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt and the crime warranted it.”
“Warranted? What kind of crimes would ‘warrant’ taking another person’s life?”
“Oh, rape and especially rape of a child. Outright murder especially if planned before hand but not as an accident. Any General committing Treason. Voting for Biden or any Democrat.”
I was rejected.
Probably can’t fly anywhere now either.
SWMBO video called today and put her Doc of the week on. He filled me in. Nothing new. They completed the covid meds and are working on the lung damage. She’s still at high flow O2 but they’re going to try to wean her off it. Still no guesses as to when she’ll get to come home. Pulmonary embolism is doing okay.
Told him that I had taken the Hippocratic oath some time ago and firmly believe in the “Do no harm” for most of my life. However, I’m also thinking that when you put someone in the hospital suddenly, hook them up to machines, and everyone around them is behind a mask, face shield, gown and gloves, you really don’t promote getting healthy. You do promote feelings of loneliness and being overwhelmed.
And that I want to physically visit my wife even though they have a “No Visitors” policy.
Told him to pass it on up the line to his superiors that they have a husband who wants to visit his wife, and, that if he doesn’t get to see her really soon he WILL start posting “St. Michael’s Hospital in Silverdale, WA won’t let me see my dieing wife” to all the social media sites. Then, the next day by 1000 I would show up with a large sign saying that and sit across from the opening to their driveway with said sign and when the News folks show up (which I’d invite them) I’d repeat the “St. Michael’s Hospital in Silverdale, WA won’t let me see my dieing wife” and invite everyone that has a loved one in the hospital they haven’t been able to see, or had one of their family members die without being able to visit them beforehand to join me.
You NEED to pay attention to me cause I don’t make idle threats. I rarely make “threats.”
So we’ll see where that one goes.
Sure, I understand the why; but it’s stupid because it doesn’t address the problem as individuals. I’ve had the vaccine and the covid. I have no other infectious diseases. SWMBO is covid free so there’s no way she can re-infect me and there is No Way I’ll get reinfected walking past a covid patients room with their door closed. So, why can’t I see her? Because of the blanket “No Visitors” policy.
Sorry it had to come to threats. Or promises in this case.

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