Field Day 2016 Is Done. Easily Bored People Should Exit The Building Now.

Just like the headline says: Field Day 2016 is over and done with. Phew!

All These Will Be Posted To Our Flicker too

I, of course, got out to the Field Day Site around noon last Friday to open the gate and accept the Porta Potty. The weather was pretty crappy with wind and drizzle for most of the afternoon. Cleared up but stayed windy while I was setting my “shack” up. SWMBO joined me for the two nights! (That is always cool!)


Saturday we had me and AD7DY-Omer as the only Hams taking part in Field Day, but a butt-ton of visitors (including a Judge). Later in the afternoon AF7VT-Ric set up his station and started transmitting. AD7DY-Omer worked 40-meters (like he always does), AF7VT-Ric worked 20-meters voice, and I was working 20-meters PSK31. (And I actually made the first contact of our group this year. Unusual.)


Saturday evening K7TIT-Dan came out and joined us for awhile. I don’t know if he worked any contacts or not. He did do the GOTA station at Kneeland Park in Shelton and made quite a few contacts from there during the day. Good job! N7YGE-Jerry came out and set up a Packet Station and showed everyone what that’s all about.


Today I kind of just ran down; and I didn’t even stay up that late the night before! Ric & Omer had stayed up most of the night. I made Bacon and Eggs (scrambled) for all of us so we could start the day with a full stomach. Not that it did any good in my case. Guess I’m getting Old. But the Wx was perfect this weekend! Warm!


So, around 1100 I shut everything down, loaded all my “stuff” back into the Caravan and Truck, and came home. First things first! Hot Shower! Then I unloaded the Caravan and Truck and started putting everything away. SWMBO came out and helped me clean up.


And now we’re just lounging around resting and gathering our strenght for this coming week. Y’all can check out the pictures Ric & I took of this weekend on our Flicker site. (When I get off my Old Ass and post them.)

Will probably go to bed early tonight. Afterall, I’m turning 64 tomorrow.

And we even had the usual MCARC Sunday Evening Chat Net. Talk about dedicated!

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Well, That Wasn’t So Bad. Mostly.

Combing2aLeft the house at 0900 for my appointment at Madigan. Left early cause I’ve never been to Madigan and I’ve heard lots of story’s about how hard parking is to find. Got there by 1000 and there was a butt-ton of empty spaces; as long as you didn’t mind parking kind of out there. Lot’s of people were driving up close to the building trying to find a “closer” spot. Dipshidiots. Park out, walk in.

Anyway, had some time to waste just walking around. Checked in. Was in for my appointment on time. Guy checked me for PAD (Periferial Artery Disease?) but everything checked out okay. Not bad for a almost 64 year old Vintage104asedentary ex-smoker. Afterwards he set me up for an appointment to check the main artery (senior moment) and my corotids before going in to see the actual Doctor. All that starts 15 Jul at 0630 in the A.M. (Which means getting out of the house by 0500.)

Stopped at MacDonald’s cause I was hungry and am home now. Think I’ll take apart my radio/rig and mount it in the Caravan and I won’t have to do that tomorrow.

Was coming back from filling the gas can, and came up behind a woman doing 5 mph on our 15 mph dirt road. So I went to go around her. She tried cutting me off, and when that didn’t work, stayed right beside me until I had to slow down. She fell in behind me and stayed on my ass all the way to my house.  Cussed me out for bcc06bdriving unsafe and passing her on a dirt road where “you have no control and people walk” and more. If anyone made it unsafe it was she; by speeding up and trying not to let me pass her. Dipshidiot. (I knew what I was doing. Road was clear of everything but her.) You don’t want people passing you? Do the fucking speed limit.

I’m almost expecting her husband to show up. If he does, I’m going to call 911 and say that there’s someone on my property threatening me and I want to know if I can shoot him legally? If the Cops show up they’re welcome to look at the dashcam video.

My Syma X5C drone came in today. Charged the battery and gave it a test flight. I still like to run into things. It’s light! And tough; since I’ve already run into multiple things and it’s still working. Don’t like the USB charging though. I’ll give it a better test this weekend at Field Day.

I got to pick SWMBO up at the QFC tonight. That’s always nice. She ate in my room while watching “Real Steel” and that was cool too.

But, not, this old guy (Old Guy) is gonna go lay down and read a bit.

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