It Has Rained SO Much

That I’d swear I saw salmon swimming up my driveway. Man, it’s wet out there! We’re even under a flood watch until noon tomorrow.


Looks like we’re moving into the regular rain instead of the downpour we’ve been having.

Not a whole Hell of a lot has been going on around here. Taking SWMBO to the ferry landing in the mornings; picking her up at QFC in the evenings. SSDD as far as my usual chores. Still meaning to get down in the basement and get some straightening up done.


Haven’t been able to take the Dog for any walks, but I have got him to where I can chase him around the big room without him just turning onto his back and laying there. Maybe he’s getting used to me/us/this place. He still runs with his butt tucked under him though.

brun17aWell, quit raining enough to take the Dog for a walk. The ground is mushy! Even my packed crushed-rock driveway has a sinking feeling to it when one steps on it. The back-40 is soaked and there is water puddled everywhere. Our backyard river has started up again. All my “catch-basins” are overflowing. It’s Wet Out There!

The wire holding my long-wire dipole between two trees has come loose on one end. It’s still caught up in the tree somewhere, but the wire itself is drooping about 30 feet lower than usual. Need to get the tennis ball gun again. And, Damn, it’s mushy out there!

Took the Dog along for a trip to the Post Office. If he didn’t know what “that windows” was before, he does now. Got a hamburger patty out of the stop. I got the $5 3-piece chicken lunch. That’ll probably do me for the rest of the day.

Thought I heard a “thump” from out there someplace. Window’s slightly shook.

Very Wet when going to pick SWMBO up tonight. Our road is mostly mud with some really deep potholes. Almost needing to put the truck in 4-wheel drive!

And that’s it. We be home. MCARC 2-meter chate net went well.

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The Pandorica Opens

Pool4bPicked SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing yesterday evening and ran her out to her class at the Mullinex Church building. Dropped her off and I went to Walmart.

Bought a nice battery, a trickle charger (one of the supposidly SMART ones), and some other stuff to move my radio’s from house power to battery power. Walked out of Walmart $130 broker but think this’ll work out.

So, today I put it all together and hooked it up. Only had to make one run into town for different parts. Working good so far. The little charger thingie has a constant green light: indicating the battery is charged. Been listening to all Pool3bthree radio’s most of the afternoon and it hasn’t changed. Cool! Now, if/when the power goes out I can still operate my radio’s. And, if I don’t permanently mount this outside, I could take it along for field day. Need to get a solar panel for field charging. Hmmm…

Not a whole lot going on. Working on the radio’s part of the day. Taking the Dog for walks. Playing with localhost and setting up Piwigo & WordPress to play with. Really important Retired stuff.

Picked SWMBO up at the QFC and we be home. She’s off in her room doing whatever she does in there. Waiting on a friend of her’s to show up for some fabric. Radio’s still working just right. Doctor Who in the background.

Think I’ll go lay down and read.

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