Used My Winter Coat Today

AnitaPage-removebgCause it was freakin’ COLD out there! But I still have to go for our morning walk, so, buckle up White Boy and get her done. Even later in the early afternoon it was freezing out there!

Making an experiment for dinner. Chicken Stew. Recipe looked good online, and I managed to stay pretty close to following it, so though I’d give it a try. I’ll let you know.

b_P1120904Not going to get the yeasu 991a yet. With the Renter moving out (boo hoo) I need to finish some projects and get other’s started with the last of her rent money. We may be using our credit card to get other things done to the MILA that need to be done and who knows how long before we get another Renter.

Just not a lot going on around here. Lots to do but lacking the motivation to get it done. Tired all the time. Wonder if vitamins would help? Hmmm… We need to perfect Shell Person technology. I’d transfer over in a heartbeat. No I wouldn’t. Not until the very last minute.

Was A Better Movie Than I Thought It Would Be

Now I just seem to be rambling. Old Guy.

So, to get to the point: The Chicken Stew didn’t taste that good. Too Basil-ly. It’s too fuckin’ cold outside for my taste. It’s supposed to start raining again any hour now. And I’m Old and Boring.

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Well, I’m Twelve Shades Of Bummed

b_shot0014aOur Renter texted me that she’s moving in with her boyfriend over Tacoma way. That Sucks! She’s been living here 3-4 years. I’ve gotten used to there being 3-8 tore-down cars in the lower driveway. And she’s pretty easy on the eyes too. But, she and the new “love of her life” (this is the 3rd I’ve known about) deserve a chance. I hope they’ll make it. She still has to give me written notice with the date she’ll be out on and we’ll go from there. I’m really going to miss her. And will forever cuss the name Mitchell.

Not a whole hell of  a lot going on around here otherwise. Raining. Raining some more. Then, when the Dog and I head out on our walk, it rains again. Starting to get pretty sick of it. Yes, even snow would be better. At least we didn’t have that wind storm Seattle area had last weekend.

This Windows 10 computer is working pretty well. Especially for the radio “stuff.” Hooked what I thought was the data/programming cable to my 857d but couldn’t get CHIRP to connect; so I put the regular “data” cable back on it. CHIRP connected and downloaded the memories just fine! So I added to them and wrote them back to the radio and everything works great. So I did my Baofeng. Nice. Now to get a programming cable for that B-Tech tri-band radio so I can do the same. Hopefully.

2016-05-29 08.52.20

This 45” monitor is just too damned big for anything other than X-Plane or one of the other flight simulators/games. One has to tilt ones head back to look at the top of the screen. Uncomfortable.

Love my new photo frame thingie that I got. Really clear picture and it plays HD video’s too. I put a lot of our trip pictures (and all my pictures of SWMBO) on a memory card and have that in. It turns itself on at 0600 and off at 2300! Neat! Need to get some 4gb cards though. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it just plays EVERY photo or video on the card. You can’t pick just one directory and play it. So I can’t play just “landscapes” or “SWMBO”; it plays them all. But it plays them really nice!

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