Winter. Too Near Anyway. Really Slow.

Which means that there ain’t a damned thing going on around here. Me and the Dog take our walks several times a day. I get my usual chores done. Sometimes I cook up something special for dinner. Otherwise I don’t really have a whole lot going on . I do lead a pretty boring life.

My yeasu FT-857d is going TU on me. Yesterday it locked up and I had to factory reset it 3 times. Really starting to piss me off. Sometimes when I turn it on the display just stays dark but the radio seems to work. Other times it locks when I press and hold the function button to get to the deep menu. Nothing to do then but unhook it from any power and wait awhile before turning it back on.

Looked up the control head and the cheapest I can find one is $300; and I’m not 100% sure that would fix the problem. I am not an electronics tech! But it may be the way to start unless I just send it off to the shop. Spendy!

Anyway, SWMBO got home just before the MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Chat Net and once that was done I got to watching the second “Kingsman” movie and it’s time to go to bed now. Adios!

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We Drove Our Usual Walk Today

Which sounds really lazy, but, we did it after our usual morning walk. Really just to see how far we walk on our usual walk. Turns out it’s .6 mile. Point Six. But, we do it at least twice a day with plans to up it to 3 times starting next week. Now to figure out how far we walk when we take a tour of the back 40. I’m guessing .1 mile out and .1 mile back basied on the distance from front door to top of of the road being about equal to the distance to the back of the property.


So, we do approx 1.5 miles minimum every day rain or shine or snow. Not bad but I’d like to get back up to 5 miles plus. Having to put Jack down really messed me up.

tat5Finally had to get out my real Winter coat for our walk this morning. We don’t stay out long; I figure when my ears are cold then Wiz’s ears are cold and we come on in. He don’t understand it though. But he won’t just go out into his “poop yard” and hang out.

Nice and sunny but NOT warm. Everything is “dew” wet outside.

Other than that: Just not a lot going on. Get up. Make coffee. Shower. Walk. Mail. TV and chores. Walk. Rinse, Dry, Repeat. Major decisions include what to make for dinner. Think I’m going nuts from not being revelent any more.

That’s it. SWMBO is home. MCARC Wednesday2-meter Chat Net done. I’m gonna go lay down and read a bit.

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