Hate Taking A Shower!

Well, no. I actually enjoy my showers. Even without SWMBO. What I hate is looking in the mirror and seeing that old guy looking back at me. Yes, today is one of those days where I feel that I’m wasting my time and wasting my life and wondering where the hell all the time has gone. Ever have a day like that?

Other than that, just not much going on. Been kinda lonely around here without SWMBO. Especially for Poop Dog. Now, every time I leave to do whatever it is I have to do away from the house, he acts like he’s never going to see me again. Worse than a little kid!

Started working on a new bookcase for the living room. Just a skinny one to fit a certain short wall. Will hold probably around 100 paperbacks or half that many hardbacks. We’ll see. It’s going well; when I slow down and think about what I’m doing. I think part of my problem is that I want it NOW. :grin:

Was working in the basement yesterday when the lights started flikering. Guess I got really windy somewhere around here. All our lines are underground so it had to be a branch brushing the wire somewhere down the road. And I was hoping that we’d moved someplace where the power didn’t go out at the slightest breeze. Guess I ought to make sure the generator is working…

Decided to get a burger for dinner tonight and took Poop Dog along. He about crapped his non-existant pants waiting until we got home before I’d give him his burger. He eats meat and bread without prejudice. Good Dog!

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