Battlestar Galactica Series Ender!

I got up and downloaded it first thing this morning. Watched it and was captivated. Gotta pee? It can wait. Hungry? It can wait. What a fantastic series ender! I haven’t seen many series enders (M*A*S*H which sucked; Star Trek TNG & DS9 which were okay. Still haven’t seen the end of Voyager) but this one was fantastic! I laughed. I cried. I cried some more. Brought SWMBO out of the bedroom cause I was sitting the living room saying fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK! It was the perfect ending for this series. The special effects were movie caliber. The story was right on. I even liked the way Starbuck disappeared while talking with Apollo without “glowing” out or them explaining what the hell she’d become; leaving it to our imagination. (I think she was a Poltergeist. Poltergeists tend to bring mayhem where ever they go.) And showing us the “Advances In Robotics” 150k years later was genius. Really. I am going to miss the Galactica & the crew & the story. Thanks to all the folks that participated in the torrent. I can’t imagine watching this with commercials. And thanks to the Sci-Fi channel for not having those mini-commercial thingies that take up the bottom third of the screen.


See ya on the other side.

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