ANOTHER Week Has Gone By?

Damn! What the heck have I been doing? Sorry to admit this, but, this whole last week is a blur. Except for our usual Friday date (Pizza For Brunch at FodGothers) and today I can’t remember one thing about the last week. Damn!

Today. Wow, today. NICE day. Got up to around 70 degrees. And I was out at the property moving dirt around and burning some of the crap laying around. Got a good 6 hours of work done. Cool! Man, it was nice out today…

Spent this evening installing a wireless network in our house. Bought one of those HIGH speed Linksys routers and a usb network connector. Expensive! Took only a few minutes to set up the router though. Couple more minutes to set up the usb connector. Finding the right place in the house for the cable modem, router and the old router (for Vonage) was a pain. Getting SWMBO’s laptop to connect was a pain pain! Put an old D-Link wireless pci card in the MediaServer, downloaded the drivers to my computer and burned to a cd and finally got it working but the connectivity sucks. So I moved the MediaServer to the top of my old console radio. No help. And my longest network cable is 10 feet too short. Damn! Music plays great but video is out of the question for now. VLC media player errors out. On the plus side I downloaded 2 episodes of Battlestar Galactica (over 700mb total) in less than an hour. Must have a better internet connection in the back room…

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