What A Damn Crappy Ending!

But I guess it was supposed to be. Just watched "The Mist". Pretty good movie; until the ending. What a damn crappy ending! Seemed to follow along with the ’novella’ as I remember it; until the damn crappy ending. But it’s a keeper and goes into the "I’d be glad if it was the end of the world" folder. :grin: Damn crappy ending though. But now if I’m ever in a situation like that and anyone starts spouting "Religion" (with a capital R) I think I’ll take them out right there…:shock:

When was the last time I made an entry here? Hmmm. Let me go look. Damn! That long ago?!

Sunday was a crappy day. No, not really. It was a lot colder than last Saturday but I still managed to get out to the property and move some dirt around. What? You think anything else happens in my life? You’re delusional…

Monday was a pretty regular Monday. Cold and wet out. Cold in. We’re down to our last half dozen pieces of firewood. Need to get off my ass and go out to the property and cut some of that downed dry wood.

Tuesday was "housework catch-up day" around the King household. Dishes. Laundry. Blowing the dust out of my computer. Wireless is working like a charm. MediaServer is working like a charm. Still re-ripping Smallville to 720p format. Had to buy a new printer as my Canon Pixma finally died. Something in it snapped when I was trying to print a cd insert. Damn. It was only 5 or 6 years old too. Bought an HP Deskjet D4260 cause it was cheap. Does pretty good with inserts though…

Today, Wednesday, I finally did get off my lazy old man ass and got out to the property and cut a truckfull of wood. Burns real nice. Now if I can just get my old man legs to not hurt! :-P Sure is nice having that Digger to lift the logs for me to cut. Oh, almost got the Digger stuck down at the bottom of the property. Went off the road into a really SOFT spot and the front end sank so much I had to use the bucket to push myself up and out. Phew!


Damn, what a crappy ending…

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