Ought To Get Caught Up…

Let’s see. Last entry was the 1st. Pretty regular April Fool’s Day for me.

Wednesday was a pretty normal Wednesday. SWMBO went in to the office and I mostly did things around the house.

Thursday? I have no recollection of doing anything Thursday. Smallville was a re-run.

Friday SWMBO and I went out for Breakfast since our son, Brian, was planning to come over when he got off work. Turned out he cancelled for Friday but that was okay as I came down with one hell of a headache. Luckily it went away before Battlestar Galactica! Good season premiere! Great show!

BSG-s04e01 (00-02-26.980)

Saturday I went out to the property and moved dirt around (widening the road) until it got to raining so much I was pushing around mud more than not. Soaked from the knees down. Got back home in time for SWMBO and Brian to show up. Really didn’t feel like cooking so we took Brian to Teriyaki Chicken and an Albertson’s stop. He’s having to eat from our pantry this week. We don’t mind.

Stopped and bought a new 500Gig external drive, converted it into an internal drive in the MediaServer I put together. Those SATA drives are nice! Copied all my tv shows that I have converted and that freed up another external 500Gig drive to make into another internal drive. Danged external drive was cheaper than an internal. Humph.

Today was a fairly normal non-church Sunday for me. SWMBO went off to help a friend paint her house and I did dishes and laundry. Raining too much to go to the property anyway… Put the second SATA drive in the MediaServer and copied all the movies to it. Now I have an 300Gig external drive to use as I see fit. Pprobably use it as a backup drive. One I can plug in, do my backup, unplug and put away. Sounds good to me.

I Don’t Think This Is Gonna Work!
I Don’t Think This Is Gonna Work!

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