Manual Labor Day…

Got up early but didn’t get out of the house until after 1000. Went up to the property and started taking the Digger apart. Got all the superstructure stuff I had to take off off and couldn’t find the hose the hydraulic fluid was leaking from. So I started it up and moved it around some (standing up cause the seat was missing) and still couldn’t find the leak. So I went back into Belfair and bought a 5 gallon container of hydraulic flued and back to the property. Once I had put about a gallon of fluid in the Digger I started it up and finally found the leaking hose. Cool! Then it took me almost an hour, and removing half a dozen other hoses, to get the leaking hose out. Stopped by Westbay Auto in Belfair and had them make me a new hose. $33. AND $44 for the hydraulic fluid. Phew! By the time I got the new hose made it was really too late for me to head back out to the property so I came on home.

SWMBO took me to the bank and we stopped at Home Depot to look for a set of Metric Wrenches for working on the Digger. Too expensive! So we stopped by COSTCO to see if they had any. Nope. But we still bought $20 worth of stuff. We just can’t go into COSTCO without spending too much money!

Came on back home and I fixed Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwiches and “bakes” (Baked french fries. Limp the way SWMBO likes them) for dinner and I’ve basically been messing around since.

2008-04-01-Digger1 (00-00-00.000)

Media Center is still working great. SWMBO still has to learn to use it. Sometimes I find I have too many choices for what to watch. I’m down to about 53 Gig left free on each of the two drives I have. Bout time to head to Staples and check their sales…

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