More Guesstimates!

Spent pretty much the whole day gathering guesstimates from various sub-contractors. Got new guesstimates for Power, Garage Doors, The Dome, and the well. Contacted via e-mail the guy for the radiant heat and JW Gunite for the shotcrete. Let’s hope they get back to me soon. SWMBO’s doing a bang up job on her list also. She even drove to Tacoma to look at windows.

OTT just not much going on. At least the sun came out a bit today. At least I think it was the sun. Large bright thing in the sky that somewhat warms the skin when you stand in the light from it.

Made some nice music with Magic Music Maker last night. At least I think it sounds nice. Even made a short musical piece for my oldest daughter’s birthday today. Even though the Kids don’t want anything to do with me, and I’m up in the air about wanting anything to do with them, doesn’t mean I don’t love them. Sorta. But don’t get me started!


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